All cameras are offline

I had to do some electrical work and turned off the main breaker to my house

All of my wyze devices came back online except for my cameras . All v3’s and a pan cam v2

I’ve tried power cycling them but they still don’t come back online

What to do


Try restarting your modem and or router again

you should submit many logs per camera.

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I restarted the modem but now everything went offline … oof

Some devices are coming back online . I’ll give it a sec .

I just restarted the modem …

I restarted all both the modem and router and all of my wyze devices from wco v2 with the base station , air purifier , thermostat , 5 bulbs , 1 switch, light strip pro , came back online but all of my wired cameras will not come back online .

10 v3’s, video doorbell pro and 1 pan cam v2 are all offline

Tried setting up the cameras again and the device says “cannot connect to local network”

Not sure what happened . This is frustrating but I’ll have to call it a night . Long day today and another one tomorrow . Will be out of 10 v3’s , 1 Pam cam v2 , and a VDP for the night and most of the day tomorrow until I have a chance to look into this

All of my other wyze devices from 5 bulbs , air purifier , thermostat, switch , light strip pro , base station and wco v2 , all come back online but the cameras just do not want to connect to by internet.

Off for night . I’ll try and get this resolved asap . I haven’t had my cameras down since last year before I set up camera so this will be a weird night… my cameras are my most important wyze devices so this will feel weird but oh well.

This would definitely be a good opportunity to have a wyze mesh WiFi system instead! :slight_smile:



Judging by Wyze’s reputation how “well” new stuff works, that would be like opening a new can of snakes :rofl:


I’d rather see how long they offer security updates for those things and how the security goes after a few years.

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WiFi is back u and running . But still my cameras will not connect to the WiFi . They are all offline , except for one random v3 . The rest of the v3’s and pan cam v2 will not connect to the WiFi

I had a really long day and wasn’t able to contact Wyze today and won’t be able to until idk when… ugh I need my cameras back online!!!

@Rulwiz Did you ever get this resolved? I’m experiencing the same issue and found your thread when researching it. All of my Wyze devices (light strips, vacuum, air purifier, & bulbs) are connected and working fine. All of my Wyze cams (v3s & a v2) are offline. I’ve power cycled them, deleted them, added as a new device, and reset my router, with no change. The app shows “Connection failed” when I try and view them.


Yes I was able to get it resolved .

I have a Netgear modem and router so what I did was just call Netgear customer support and they made me reset my router from scratch and after I reset the network I changed it back to my old SSID and Password and all of my devices connected back automatically !. After I did that my WiFi was back up and running and I was able to connect my cameras back on my network.

Not sure what turning off the power to my router did to make it act all wonky but that’s what I had to do.

Call your routers maker customer support and they can help you I’m sure of it