All 5 of my cameras went offline

I had the last recording at 2:44pm EST today. Now the app is showing every one of my 5 v2 cams offline. The Android app was updated 13 hours ago. Obviously it was working after that. Please don’t tell me to push any buttons… I’m 1,600 miles away.

When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. Do you have any way of knowing that there is still electrical power at that location or if the wifi/internet there is online? Sounds like the power or internet went down.

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Ring doorbell is working. Same network.

Well, when I posted I could live-view on my Ring, watch a show on my Dish DVR and log into my modem. Now they are all dead. Strange that the Wyze cams went down first.

Same with me. I was upgrading 4 camera a few hours ago and then all went offline before I even got to the last one. Is there a cloud outage? I have slashes through the cloud symbols.

Spectrum is back up. I can get into everything on my network now, including my cams. Again, strange that the cams went down first (unrelated?) while everything else worked… for at least an hour. Sorry for the interruption.