ALL 3 of my cams stopped connecting last night and still not connecting

ALL 3 of my Wyze cams stopped connecting last night and still not connecting as of right now.

I thought it was a temp glitch on Wyze side of things and thought things would be okay today but still not yet.

I have 3 other NON-WYZE cameras that are connecting fine, the problem is only with my Wyze cam connections.

IF it only happened to one of my Wyze cams then it would likely be the cam, but since all 3 stopped at once then it seems like a problem on Wyze’s side of things.

I already tried rebooting a couple of the cameras but still not connecting.

Anyone else having this problem ?

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okay, all 3 cameras had firmware upgrades available, wish I got an email about it.

Did the upgrades and can connect again, I usually connect to my Wyze cams thru my Echo Show and occasionally thru my TV using Amazon Firestick.

I have 3 non-Wyze cams I connect to thru my Windows phone when away from home thru data or thru WIFI…

My normal phone is a Windows phone and no Wyze access at this time, I do have an android phone I use just to set up apps that require android but I rarely check my android phone and just now saw the upgrade was available.