Alien Abduction - Raw footage

Complete with sound. Again, this is raw, unedited.

The sound was recorded on three different cameras. Fortunately, I use continuous recording, because this was not the camera that sent the cloud notification. Which was sound triggered btw.


Yup, there’s a known issue where the SD card recordings are skipping frames for a couple seconds at the top of each minute. That’s being investigated. I did make for a strange effect in this case.


Yeah, you can see in the lower right the time stamp jumps from :01 second to :03 seconds and you can see the tail of the pickup on the far right at :03 continuing down the road.


I know, but what weird is the sound, which was first noticed on a different camera. Trying to track down what was making a warp noise, I saved this clip. Funny watching the truck disappear at the same time.

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Have had vehicles disappearing in that same fashion right in front of my house also. Must be some type of portal. I haven’t fell into it myself as far as I know. :wink:


But what’s the frequency, Kenneth?

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Hey new here I got a video to show you and everyone

You’ve achieved Trust Level 1, so as long as it’s Wyze-related, go for it.

As an old timer tech, that sounded like a front end that was out of alignment or a brake was locked up.

DATA DROP OUT OF SOME SORT… I see this sometimes depending on what is being recorded, if the ISP is having some issues, or really maxing out bandwidth. Unless you see little gray beings come out of a metalic saucer shaped space craft and aim an abduction ray at a passing vehicle, its NOT anything freaky…