Alexa Web Interface

For all my Alexa friends that don’t know. Alexa has a web interface

It’s pretty rudimentary (like, you cannot see a live view of your WYZE cams like you can in the Alexa app), but a great tool if you ever want to flush all of your devices and rediscover.
Under Smart Home is where you find your Devices


Yeah, pretty cool. I didn’t know about the web interface before today.

There’s also obviously the mobile app (through Apple/Google).

But I also found a Windows App, which is kind of cool.
I tried to view a V2 cam through it, and it said it couldn’t do it. Then I tried a V3 and it worked! I was watching my toddler play in the family room. It ended the video after like 30-60 seconds and said it stops automatically, but I can click to have it continue, so I did, and it said the skill wasn’t enabled, so I closed out and tried again and it still said the skill wasn’t enabled…but it just worked a minute ago! Now I can’t get it to do it again. So weird. Wonder why it worked once and now won’t do it anymore.

Yeah a bunch of us here tried the Win10 application when it first got mentioned but it seems to stop working. And my Alexa app on Android won’t stream either.

The web interface is useful.

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Teasing you. Make you work for it.

You get to this Alexa web screen with you go through Amazon > Alexa > Skills to enable/add a new skill. After you link your whatever device to the Alexa app, it takes you to this screen as it performs Discover Devices.

Yeah, I noticed it wasn’t working weeks or months ago…but I should clarify that my example I just gave actually happened just today…I seriously watched the cam video live stream through Alexa on the Windows app on a V3 today…then it closed off within a minute and the next time I tried it told me I don’t have the skill enabled so it couldn’t do it. So weird that it allowed it then suddenly stopped just today.