Alexa says “Hmm you’re cameras aren’t responding “but works for voice

My Alexa Show 5’s (2) won’t respond to touch only voice commands for cameras. Also is their a way to have a live stream of all 8 cameras like in HomeKit almost using my iPad Pro as a security panel? Also is there anything I can do to give more power or signal to my cameras all on the same level of a duplex.and 200mbps is at HD.

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Try removing the Wyze skill and relinking your Wyze account with Alexa.

Some users have used tiny cam pro, but I don’t and I’m not sure if you can display 8. If you group the cams are rotate it, you can display 4, and swipe to see more.

No way to extend signal, but you can get a mesh router or at least a WiFi extender.