Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

Unless you’re unplugging the camera from its power source, the bridge will continue working even when you have a “soft” off status.

Using Amazon Music, create a playlist with the sounds you want. Then have Alexa play that list.

I have my Wyze cam connected to a smart plug. This ensures its off when I want it to be all by having Alexa turn it on via a routine. Such as having it shut off momentarily if I get up in the middle of the night by activating my nightlight routine (which turns on and dims the lights and turns off the security camera for several minutes.) then restores them after so long. It also means my Alexa App turns on the plug its connected to when I leave the area via (geofencing). So that I know its on when I leave home.

I like disconnecting power to it because. I figure even if someone hacks the system. They cant see through the camera when I want my privacy. If its completely off, because it has no power.

Sure I could probably do that via the soft power off in the Wyze App and maybe a setting for the Camera in the Alexa App. But this Guarantees it off when I want it off. Besides I want to second camera looking out my back Window to watch my patio and so I can check the weather outside from bed it I so choose.

I know what some people are thinking. But if you’re using the Wyze cam on Wyze smart plugs they can gain access to that if theyve gotten access to your account. I thought of that too. Before I discovered I had bought a smart plug through a different company a year ago. That’s the one it’s on. So it’s connected to a different service. I know it sounds paranoid. I’m not a paranoid person. But I do understand information security and nothing is perfect. And while I like the idea of having a security camera watching my home. I also don’t like the idea of that same camera watching me while I’m home. So trying to have the best of both worlds.

And this is all highly unlikely that mine will ever be hacked. I’ve never had an issue with my accounts being hacked. But there’s always potential there. Or somebody hacking your home network and getting access to it through that. Since I live in an apartment complex.

By the way. I will definitely be buying more Wyze smart plugs. They are the same quality as the Amazon smart plugs for like 25% of the price. They are one of the few smart plugs that supports 15A. I use it to run my space heater to heat up my bedroom.

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True. I actually have 3 amazon plugs because they put them on sale for $5 sometimes. At that price, it’s hard to say “no.” But at the normal price of $25, they’re probably one of the worst values because they only work with Alexa. Plenty of cheaper ones that work with multiple services. I’ve got a couple of Wyze plugs, too, because it’s nice to use them with my Wyze rules/routines

Thanks that worked great. They also have a beep I can play each time a door is opened. Once they get alexa integration working, I’ll set it up!

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I just refreshed devices in my Alexa app an hour ago and noticed Wyze contact and motion sensors show up. I was able to set up routines that announce specific events (i.e. front door opens, patio door opens). The routines even allow you to specify which Alexa device announces the triggered event. AWESOME!!


Are you in the US?

I’m in Canada and although I see the Wyze contact sensor listed now in the Alexa App, It still says “Unsupported Device” when I want to choose it for triggering a routine.

Yes, I’m in the US.



Seems like Wyze motion sensor works for triggering but not wyze contact sensor.
For me at least. maybe because of my location

My sensors show up in Alexa now. Will have to play with integrating these into routines over the next few days. It will be nice using sensors to control Hue bulbs without having the rely on multiple levels of Apps to use IFTTT.

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Confirmed contact sensors showed up after a device refresh in Alexa tonight. I setup the contact sensor in my mailbox to anounce on the speakers in my house “Mailbox Opened”.

Opening my security gate contact sensor now makes an anouncement and turns on my outdoor lights at night before i drive up.

Both incredibly helpful because my gate and mailbox are 600yards away from my house on long range wifi.

Working for me as well. Early tests indicate routines firing pretty much instantly!

Edit: seems like an awesome upgrade. I was previously using like 8 IFTTT applets with a motion sensor to control 3 smart thermostats. Now it looks like I can achieve the same thing with two routines.

It works-ish, but there are some lingering issues, which is why it hasn’t been “officially” launched yet. If you use it for a while, you’ll probably notice things. In particular, if the camera restarts, all of the sensors get “opened” at the same time, and they remain open in the Alexa app until you physically open and close the sensors again.

That means if you have Alexa announcements tied to the sensors, you may get the shock of your life if your camera restarts at 2am and Alexa suddenly announces that every door and window in your house has been opened. :laughing:


:scream: Guess I should filter the times on the routines. Thanks for the heads up! I only have an echo dot in the living room so an sudden 2am announcement bomb is unlikely to disturb anyone in my home but good to know!

I first posted about the sensors being in the Alexa routines before it was authorized. I’ve enjoyed using it but found that it at times could be buggy like sending out multiple notifications at once and sending out alerts in the middle of the night when there weren’t any.
Now that it is available in the newest Alexa app update for everyone, I wonder if I should reinstall them or will the old ones now be bug free?

I was notified by Alexa that my contact sensors had been discovered last night, I am certainly happy about that occurrence. So I wrote a few routines to mess around and test them, as well as compare response times to my fully local zigbee contact sensors.

What I have noticed so far is that they can be quick (not as fast as my local stuff, but we are talking only about 3 to 6 tenths of a second), or very slow. I have also noticed that sometimes they are quite slow to give notifications to my phone via the Wyze app as well. Sometimes nearly instant and in some cases 45 minutes late.

I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing false positives? Right now I have an echo dot which simply sounds a doorbell when a contact sensor is open. The Echo has been ringing several times without the sensor opening. The Wyze app indicates that the sensor has been closed this entire time. Anyone else?

There may be issues with false positives when the camera restarts. When that happens, all the sensors get set to “open” until they’re opened and closed again. At least that’s what’s been happening in the past.

Thanks for your quick reply, I had read your previous posts and was aware of that, but that is not the case. The camera was not restarted. I am actually unsure if it is a false positive but rather an extremely long delay. It isn’t only this contact sensor/bride combo and routine either. It happens with other contact sensors I have on a different bridge.

I am wondering if this is a slowdown with the Amazon Alexa servers or Wyze Servers. Since notifications sometimes lag and have since I began using the sensors (well before integration with Alexa) I don’t think it is a hardware or necessarily firmware issue.

Aside: This probably isn’t the best thread to have this discussion, but I haven’t used these forums much.

My Alexa app detected all of my sensors last night. I created a bunch of routines to announce when things open and close and all seemed to be working fine…until today. Now my Alexa routine alerts are literally 45-60 minutes behind the trigger and they continue as if Alexa has stored the alerts in memory.

I had to disable my routines for the time being.

Seems like the right thread. If the sensors are reporting correctly/punctually in the Wyze app, it seems like it would be a slowdown on the Alexa side, or at least on the connection between Wyze and Alexa, but I don’t really know. If they’re not reporting correctly/punctually in the Wyze app, it seems like a problem either on the Wyze side, or maybe with the connection to your camera/bridge.