Alexa is linked but cannot even turn on a lamp?

I linked Alexa and I have a Samsung 9 phone and a fancy “toy” that my family gifted me, I’m not sure what this exotic toy is called but it is an Amazon product, has a nice large screen that I can use to call and see my family but alexa is just as ignorant on that device as “she” is on all my other Amazon devices. The lamp works with the Wyze app but not perfectly.

Try unlinking the Wyze Skill on Alexa andthen re-linking. It will then redo the discover devices. I have had to do this in the past. Why it worked I don’t know but it did.
I’m assuming the “lamp” you are referring to is a Wyze Bulb or Plug.


I think you have the Echo show. Make sure you’re under the same profile on all your echo devices. (For example, in our house, we have two profiles: mine and my fiancé’s. If an Echo device is signed in to his profile, the bulbs I’ve set up on my profile won’t work. The devices follow the profile, not the echo device.)

You can check which profile you’re on by asking alexa to switch profiles or ask ‘whose profile is this?’

Also @tomp had a great suggestion. Sometimes a relink is needed.