Alexa Delay?

Anyone else having delays with notifications from alexa?

I have two cameras (at different locations) and a door sensor that trigger an alert on Alexa and the alexa alerts Im getting right now are from events 25 minutes ago.

Not app related.
Not effecting events in app (recordings are on time and im getting app notifications)
One camera is a v3, one is a v2, and the camera the sense bridge is hooked to is a v1, so it appears to be on the network side.

193002 for ticket number (though I dont believe log will show anything)

Yes. My delay just started today.

Same here. I get a big delay to Alexa, started this afternoon for me - I am on the East Coast.

I also noticed big delays with Alexa this evening (live in the South). It reported a person detected 20 minutes after the event. I’m pretty dependent on the alexa announcements and routines and it is quite frustrating when these glitches occur…