Alexa commands for t-stat

My Alexa is connected to my thermostat but has trouble setting it to home , away , and sleep modes.

I say “Alexa , set house thermostat to Away mode” and the response it “ I don’t know how to set house to that setting”

Has anyone come across this before and can help me ? Thanks

Maybe try “Alexa, set Wyze thermostat to away mode”. Make sure you have the Wyze skill enabled.

Hi bean, I think you might be onto something . I’m still new to Alexa so forgive me but how do I add this skill?

In the Alexa app there should be a page for “Skills and Games”. It’s in the “More” page. Search Wyze and link your account.

Yes , I’ve linked my account . I’ve connected the wyze bulb to the Alexa but i can’t seem to know if it’s connected to my wyze thermostat

I can ask Alexa what the temperature is , and I’ll get a response of what it is but when I say to go into a mode it says ir doesn’t know how to set it to that setting

In the tstat settings, is there a page for Alexa? The WRV has one and it says all the things you can say to Alexa.


The Wyze Thermostat Users Guide (PDF) lists the following as compatible Alexa Voice Command Functions:

Available action controls in Alexa Routines is limited to only “Set Temp”.

The functions for State Change (Home\Away\Sleep) are currently unavailable for Alexa Voice Commands and Routine Actions.

I have done extensive work to include my Thermostat in my Alexa Voice Command Automation Routines. I accomplished this by employing a static Wyze Plug as a trigger\action bridge between the two ecosystems. Details here:



Ugh that makes no sense , thanks for the answer Slab!

A question for which I have no answer.

Why is there only one pre-loaded Alexa action for the thermostat while there are eight compatible voice commands? :man_shrugging: If I spent all my time trying to make it all make sense, my time would be up.

I just keep trying to find ways to get around the basic limitations so it will do what I want it to do.


I would check the wishlist and add that, def a good action.

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Be sure to add a post to provide context.


Why have Alexa integration but limit its uses ? Two thumbs down Wyze :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3:

I believe that Amazon has a great deal of culpability in this when they have highly demanding requirements and restrictions on how other ecosystems may interact on Alexa. They aren’t the most welcoming of competitive ecosystems.

And, I personally wouldn’t be spending a great deal of time, resources, or fees trying to get Alexa integration compatibility for features right now knowing that the standard will be changing sometime in the short term future.

With Wyze buying into the Matter Standard development pool, they are investing in the future of that universal standard of integration. We can only hope that comes sooner rather than later and that it will open up a greater library of feature integrations with other ecosystems.

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I keep hearing about this “Matter” what even is it ?

Its a collaboration between many tech companies to make smart homes more compatible with each other. its great for the consumer IF it works.


@IEatBeans posted a great read.

In a nutshell, everybody wants their Wyze, Ecobee, Nest, etc. IoT to be cross compatible with all other IoT platforms, ecosystems and Digital Assistants.

“Why won’t my Wyze turn on my Cync Lightbulb?”

Because they speak foreign languages to each other and can’t communicate.

In order for Alexa to control Wyze, she has to speak Wyze language or Wyze IoT has to comprehend Alexa language.

Matter aims to make a universal translator across all the IoT languages that pay to play, or at least get all the players to speak the same universal language.

It is a massive undertaking that, if successful, will make IoT from participants cross-compatible.


I’m using the Wyze thermostat with my Alexa. If I want to raise or lower the temperature I need to first ask
What is the thermostat temperature?
Alexa will respond. (lets say 75 degrees)
Then I can say “Alexa set thermostat to 74 degrees”
All I want to do at any time is raise the thermostat temperature 1 or 2 degrees in either raise or lower.
The Wyze guide says it is a command. But when I say “Alexa decrease the thermostat by 1 degree.” Alexa only repeats The Thermostat is set for ex: 75. The current temperature. It does not reduce the temperature by 1 degree. How is this resolved?

I replied to your other post here: