Alexa cant link to Wyze in Holland

Bought a Alexa echo shwo 5 but i cant link it to wyze.

In the Wyze app i can, and it tells me Alexa is linked.

Asking Alexa to show a camera, she can not.

Asking Alexa to “Enable Wyze skill”. she can not…

So i go to the Alexa app , skills en games and look for Wyze, but its not there…
I changed the location of the Alexa device to usa
Same wifi.
Same password…

What can i do?? I live in the Netherlands (europe)

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I can be of no further assistance. I hate Alexa. image

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If I were in your shoes, I would google something like “Alexa Forums” and find a forum where you can ask the question there. It seems like this is mostly an Alexa skills limitation and someone more familiar with Alexa may know a workaround for you.

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