Alexa and wyze thermostats

How do I get Alexa to see my thermostat what skill do I use . Do no see wyze thermastats

The Wyze Skill is all that’s needed. Then add the device through your Alexa app.

What is the skill . I don’t see one for the thermostats

There is only one Wyze Skill

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You’ll need to enable and link the Wyze skill to your account.
More information here:

Once you link the skill or if devices don’t show up, ask Alexa to “discover devices”.

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Since I already had the Wyze skill for older Wyze devices, I didn’t have to do anything. When I installed the Wyze Thermostat, my iPhone gave me a notification that my Wyze thermostat was ready to use within a few seconds of the thermostat booting up for the first time after the initial setup.

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Look for the app on google play, but you won’t find it under just ‘Wyze’, look for ‘Wyze Labs’. After downloading that it worked. Wonderful to have the thermostat working now and the treat is just to talk it into the comfortable temperature :slight_smile: