Alexa and WYZE a match made in heaven! Your thoughts!

I would like to know how you got yours to work also .

I don’t have a fire stick but considering buying one they are 19.99 today

I have an echo dot ,I don’t use it much but , question, can I control the fire stick with voice through the dot??.


This is what I posted in the other thread ,copied from email Wyze sent out ,note in bold

Questions You Might Have

Q: Which Alexa-enabled devices work with Wyze?
A: All Alexa-enabled devices connected to a screen will work with the Wyze skill. For example:Echo Show
Echo Spot
Fire TV HD and Fire TV 4K
Fire Stick is temporarily incompatible with Wyze
Q: How does Alexa work?
A: Alexa is the cloud-based voice service from Amazon. Alexa is the brain behind Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices. Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question—just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly.

Q: What is an Alexa Skill?
A: Skills add new capabilities that allow you to create a more personalized experience with your Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, and other Alexa-enabled devices. Skills let you receive flash briefings, order food, request a ride, track your fitness, and more.

Q: What Wyze devices work with Alexa?
A: Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan work with Alexa. Wyze Cam v1 does not work with Alexa.


I wholeheartedly agree. If this is true I will do everything in my power to tell people how they abandoned their product in less than a year of its introduction.

“<b>Fire Stick is temporarily incompatible with WYZE!”</b>

<b>“Correction Amazon Fire TV stick without Alexa. This model is incompatible with any WYZE camera.”</b>

The answer is confusing just like the WYZE V1 does not work!

Amazon came out with a Fire TV stick! This model (call it Version 1) is incompatible with any WYZE camera.

But Amazon came out with Fire TV Stick with Alexa (call it Version 2) it is compatible with WYZE V2 camera.

Don’t get mad a WYZE because for 19.99 they will sell you new camera with version 2!

Try to get Amazon to give you a new Fire TV stick with Alexa for the same price you paid for your Amazon Fire stick!


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Thanks for the clarification I will just get A fire stick with Alexa They no longer sell The older model anyway

I found that the fire stick And the echo dot do work together so you can control the fire stick with echo dot with your voice

Thanks for the clarification. However, all 3 of my fire sticks have Alexa - so tell me how you got yours to working. Am I just not holding my mouth right? :slight_smile:


What was abandoned? It has the same feature set a year later, probably more features actually. At an unbelievable price.

As to upgraded models appearing each year and support for legacy models phasing out - Apple, Samsung, Motorola all use that business model on devices costing hundreds or a thousand dollars more than the the Wyze Cam cost.

I think there is some confusion about the Fire stick and the Fire TV, which also connects via the HDMI port on the TV. I don’t think the Fire Stick is supported by the WYZE skill where the Fire TV does work. I have a 2nd gen Fire stick and I can’t get my WYZE cameras to work. Not a huge deal as I use my Fire Tablet 8hd in Show Mode and the WYZE cameras work great!


If someone has the Fire Stick working, can you provide step by step instructions?

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The App is called Amazon Alexa!

Missing part of the puzzle! What do you use to view your WYZE app on now? What ever that device is you need to load the Amazon Alexa App too!

Well I already have the Alexa app on my tab ( cuz I have the echo dot) along with the Wyze app , so I should be good when I get the Fire stick I ordered

Is this exactly what you have set up and working?


But Amazon came out with Fire TV Stick with Alexa (call it Version 2) it is compatible with WYZE V2 camera.


The Wyze skill does not work on the Amazon Fire Stick TV.

I ordered one today, received it, set it up, updated the firmware, and enabled the Wyze skill on Alexa. I am able to discover the camera devices and initiate an “Show <camera name>” command but the Fire TV shows only “Waiting On Wyze Camera” before timing out and returning. Further research shows that if you go to the Wyze Skill on Alexa it says “Fire TV stick is not currently supported. It will be supported soon.”

I can only interact with the skill via the Alexa smart remote. The Echo I have doesn’t seem to know about Wyze Cameras.

Edit: I have linked the FireTV to my Echo and can initiate the “Waiting On Wyze Camera” by saying “Alexa Show <camera name>”. Very cool but still times out. Hopefully support will be coming soon.

Exactly what I get.

Thanks for that update. Glad that’s working for you. I have a fire tablet on the way. I hold out hopes :slight_smile:

I want the ability to just tell Alexa to start motion (and sound) alerts on a camera (and stop them).

My V2 is in the garage. I just leave it on 24/7. Walking into the garage (it hasn’t seen a car for 15 years) is an occasional check to see if everything is working as it should be (i.e., I should get a phone notification), which it always is.

My Pan is in my house. Motion (and sound) is always off, because I’m usually there. But when I go out I want to turn motion and sound sensing on, without picking up my phone. “Alexa turn on Pan motion sensing.”

Better yet, of course, is Alexa figures out I’ve left the house, and turns on motion/sound sensing automatically, because I set up a routine. But I’m patient …

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I would like that too. Just asking Alexa to show you a cam is a start, but real Alexa integration should include full control.

I just got a refurb Echo Show from Amazon Warehouse deals for $80. It looks completely new.

Works great with my two PanCams. I just wish I could watch multiple (4) live camera views on a single screen.

I hope Wyze adds the new Alexa motion sensor api to its alexa integration soon. This will allow motion detected by the cameras to trigger alexa routines.

I have been using Alexa Fire Stick for at least 6 months, and it has been a selling point for people I show it to. I did run into an issue a couple of weeks ago when a client purchased a Fire Stick, and it didn’t work. It turned out that they had all of their cameras set on HD. When we changed to SD, all of the cameras showed up on the TV, I have also found that looking at the Wyze cameras on an Android tablet is not straight forward. You need to have the newer version of the Android operating system for the App to work. It seems like we need a Tips & Tricks page that can point people in the right direction.

I have posted a link with a user asking for something very similar. I hope this can help you a bit more or others you refer!

I need to be able to have 2-way audio with my Echo Spot and WYZE cam!!! Please tell me that is in the works!