Alexa and the VDB

Putting this under a bug but not sure.

I have Alexa Integration originally turned on for my VDB to announce that the doorbell has been pressed. Now the Pressed option in Alexa is gone and has been replaced with Person. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but is it possible to get the Doorbell pressed back as another option?

I sued the option for when I was at the other end of the house and can’t hear the when someone presses the doorbell.

Here is two images to show what the option the VDB exposes in Alexa:

Options in the Routines

Option when looking at the actual VDB Device - This used to say Pressed not Person

This is my old Routine which worked well in the past but no more as Pressed is not an option

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Still shows on mine.

Interesting. Thanks for the image. Will need to figure out why now.

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Using a Pixel 3XL with Android 12 beta, Alexa app version 2.2.422256.0 and an Echo Show 5

What happens when you click “Announcement Device”?

It’s for person. So when itnaees a person it announces. But nothing happens now when the button is pressed, from Alexa that is.

Quick update, mine has now gone back to Doorbell pressed and not person detected. I retested my original routine and nothing happens. I created a new one and no notification either.

So, although Wyze notifies my phone that there is someone at the door, Alexa does not seem to work.

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