Alert Activation On Main Screen

I would like to suggest 2 things to be placed on the main screen.

  1. Place the Motion Detection setting on the main screen.
  2. Place an Armed setting on the main screen if I want to turn off/on all motion detection without going thru each camera.
Please see attached picture.

#2 can be accomplished with Shortcuts at the top of the latest version of the app. I’ll add the #1 to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

I tried using the Shortcuts. Thank you.

I noticed that the logs show the name of the shortcut executed as “Other”. Can the log save and show the name I had given?

I can’t replicate this. Try pulling down on the Logs page to force a refresh. If that doesn’t fix it, suggest you file a support ticket.

Pulling down on the Logs page to force a refresh.

Yes! It worked.

Thank you!