Alarm triggering

I have a business that I am trying to trigger a plug(which is wire to an siren) when motion is detected by a sensor only when a door sensor is open. Is this possible? If so how?

Is it possible to disable the motion sensor when the door sensor is open?

Is this possible?

@INDYOFROZENYOGURT Yes, you can use a contact sensor on the door. Setup two rules to trigger the plug when the door opens.

You can disable this rule if you don’t want to activate plug.

You can also set a time for this action to occur. For example, 7PM - 6AM to turn on rule to trigger alarm plugged into the smart plug.

Here are a couple of simple rules that will trigger a plug when my door opens.

Door opens plug turns on / door closes plug turns off.

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I’m not using the door sensor to trigger the plug. I want to use the door sensor to turn off or on a motion to trigger an alarm. I have the door sensor taken apart and installed into a lock box, when my employees enter the business in the morning they open the lock box which opens the sensor. When the sensor is closed I want the motion sensor to trigger a plug if there is motion.

I need to have a plug turn on when sensor is closed and motion is activated. Is this possible?

Is this possible?

Honestly, I’m not sure I fully understand your use case, so I don’t want to tell you something wrong.

I’ll tag the other @Mavens and see if they can help out as well.

I do know you can use the Wyze motion sensor to trigger the plug instead of the contact sensor. I actually use motion sensors to trigger my Wyze plugs.

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Currently I don’t think this is possible. If I’m understanding you correctly the rules set up are basically one trigger only. you are wanting to set it up so it only triggers if this other condition is met, in your case if a certain state of the two sensors together is met. to my knowledge this has been requested but I don’t think ever implemented at least not yet. I believe it’s being researched but I can’t tell you for sure off hand.

I would look into IFTT

You might be able to set up what you want through that where a rule happens when sensor 1 is triggered but ONLY IF sensor 2 is in “this” state. I personally don’t use if this then that so I couldn’t tell you how that works in detail but if my understanding is correct, that sounds like it’s your best option. I wish I could give you more insight into that one.

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Yes, I’m trying to trigger a plug if sensor is closed and if there is motion. I don’t think IFTT can do that either.

I have no idea if this would work well or would be reliable but…If you had a contact sensor, when open, turn off a plug that had another wyze cam with another bridge that was connected to the motion sensor that would probably disable it.

Is it not possible to instead create a rule where the motion sensor only triggers the plug with the alarm during specific hours on specific days?

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