Alarm system

Hi! I live outside the US and I’d like to purchase the alarm system with some sensors to my house. Is it necessary to have a subscription? Or I’ll be able to use the alarm (even it doesn’t contact the authorities) get notifications if a door is open, etc. thanks!!

Without a subscription all you get is automation rules and notifications (door opened, motion detected, water leak, etc.). No alarms, just push notifications.

Thanks for your reply. So if I let’s say go out and activate the alarm and someone opens the door I’ll just get a notification?? No sound at my house? Thanks again!

Without a subscription, there is no alarm to activate. There is no local alarm. You’ll get a push notification that the door was opened but nothing more.

I am so pleased someone asked this question, and thanks for the responses. I would like to add an additional question or two… If you are self monitoring (ie: not signed up for the service) given there are no alarms, do you need a key pad? If you had a key pad, would it turn off the push notifications on door openings when you are home ?

The keypad is useless without a subscription. You cannot program it for any other functions.