Alarm sound

Good morning. With the new camera update, we lost the shrill alarm sound. Would it be possible to offer us a choice of option other than the whistle which is absolutely useless.

Just to clarify, you are saying that after the last update you can no longer use the siren? Nothing happens when you press the “Sifflet” button?

Can you post what your exact App version number is and your camera firmware number? (this is necessary because in some cases “latest” can be a different number for different people based on varying slow roll-outs, and update tracts, so it will help us ensure the communication is precise)
Also, can you submit a log for that camera and post the log number here? A log is not a support ticket, but we might be able to forward it on to someone to look into even though it may or may not get a response (support tickets through customer service are the way to get an actual response).