Air Purifier - Show online status and AQI on home tab screen

Just picked up an air purifier and have been using it recently . I really like it , but I hate having to open the wyze app, and then open the air purifier device screen to see the AQI .

So I would like to request that on the home tab , the device section show the ON symbol to let us know that it’s online and also to show the AQI as well. This will be for convenience



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You can put a Widget on your desktop for Wyze Devices which will take you to the Device itself. I have done this for the T-Stat as well. Here is an image of what I do…

Then when you click on the tile it will open that Air Purifier directly, one click.

You can simply use the Device List Widget to show all devices you have in your app. then when you click on the device, it will open that device directly. FYI: You can scroll the device list to see all devices you have

Right , but what I’m requesting is that besides the device it has the ON symbol so we know it’s online and also shows the AQI so we don’t have to click on the device to take us to the device screen directly and show us that info

Just for convenience

Good day



understood, just providing options until something is provided.


I forgot about widgets , bc I barely use them . I don’t really like them tbh but thanks for the input spam :slight_smile:

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