Air Cleaner WiFi

I recently bought 2 air cleaners.
They setup fine and do a great job.
Firmware updated to current rev before use.
They will both lose WiFi connectivity after a while and the only way to re-establish connectivity is to unplug/replug.
I’ve re-paired the devices multiple times - same result.
I have all my Wyze products on a dedicated mesh network - I’m not even close to maximum number of devices.
Sniffer traces don’t show anything unusual.
No routing or switching is in place that would impact this.
I’m running 1gb fiber internet.
At this point - I have to use a Wyze plug on each air cleaner to power cycle and manage the devices which is crazy.
Does anyone know of a more reasonable solution?

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The latest Firmware update seems to have introduced this. Wyze has been made aware, I believe. I would contact Wyze, get a ticket and provide a log, if you have not already.