Ai seems a bit off lately

Anyone else ? I have 6 v3’s around my property , of course a few hiccups and false positives a few times a day but it seems like the AI is not correctly identifying events.

Pet events are labeled as motion , person events are labeled as motion for both day and night , and vehicle events are labeled as motion. Going on about a week now , I’m submitting the correct feedback but it can be a bit frustrating when you don’t have the time to be reviewing every single event to make sure the AI correctly labeled it .

Today I got home around 7 am , stepped about on my property , took my dogs out , ran some errands and everything was labeled fine . Went to sleep around 11 am . My gf gets home around 5 pm , takes the dogs out and plays with them for a bit in the backyard . The events weren’t correctly labeled , all 3 backyard cameras labeled both her and the dogs as motion the whole 20 minutes she was out their . Now , it was just her and the dogs so it’s okay but what if it’s not her in the middle of the night ? And the AI can’t correctly label a person…

At the end of the day , I wanted a reliable camera with reliable AI. Not a camera that is somewhat reliable , and a somewhat unreliable AI that we have to be babysitting to make sure it’s doing its job.

I understand the AI will get better , but I haven’t seen much improvements the 9 months I’ve been using the cameras.

If you promote camera security with AI, we expect that . Nothing less

I’m guessing since were nearing the end of the month , the AI is gonna update or something . I’ve noticed this pattern for a while . The beginning of each month the AI will be reliable and correctly label events and then it’ll lower its effectiveness slowly through the month and get worse near then end…

They are motion. If they weren’t motion, there would be no event. The problem isn’t “motion”, it is lack of AI type identification and tagging. I.e., Motion + Pet.

Me too. Especially for cams located high above the subject… which is understandable as everything in motion appears as a moving “blob”.

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That’s what I meant . The AI is not tagging them correctly , seems to be way off even more so lately

This ! My cameras high above have the hardest problems . I guess the height comes into factor …://

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I think some of tagging problem for elevated cams is also due to the technical limits of the cam. It seems like the faster the object moves, the less likely an AI type is tagged. The slower, the more likely. This would be remedied if we had 2K or 4K cams with a higher frame rate.

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The AI labeled a big garbage truck as a person today. Yeah, I’d say it seems a bit off.

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I have 3 cams facing the front yard and street, each at a slightly different horizontal angle to create virtual panoramic view. 1 cam consistently identifies all passing vehicles as Person. 1 cam consistently identifies trash and large delivery trucks as Person. 1 cam identifies everything correctly. What that tells me is that some fixed object in the view of 2 cams looks like a person. Unfortunately, I can’t tell what that fixed object is because only motion is “Motion tagged” in the events. And fortunately, it’s rare that any vehicle passes my house triggering the false Person alerts.

Was there a person next to the garbage truck, or did the AI label it as a person because the garbage truck was moving, and therefore in control of a person? :thinking: :laughing:

Nope, not a person in the frame, just the garbage truck.

Still, I was told by a Wyze employee once that a car can be tagged as a person because it was moving, Unfortunately, I do not know if they we joking, but seems reasonable.

And that’s just ridiculous! Wyze needs to can the current AI and hire people that actually know what they are doing to build it all over from scratch.

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So no one drives a vehicle? Just asking, lol.

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The AI most of the time doesn’t see pets and normally it see’s them has vehicles. And now it’s started seeing vehicles as people. It’s a mess! And adding more detection identities to it, will only make it even more of a mess. How about this…fix the basic identity labeling for people, vehicles and pets, then when those are rock solid add insects, faces and packages.

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Did you get a v3 pro ?

Just wondering bc I would like to place these cameras up high and wondering if the 2k resolution will offer improved motion identification at a high placement consider to the v3’s…

I just installed my V3 pro 2 days ago, and honestly the ai is worse on it than my V3. I’m hopeful this is fixed with an update, but EVERY car that drives by is tagged as a person, but if I walk out to my car to grab something, no motion, or person event is triggered. I’ve reset the camera, tinkered with sensitivity and tried a smaller detection zone, but it’s not as good as the V3. So much for the “improved internal ai detection.” To Wyze’s credit, most their new stuff is buggy but they do tend to improve after a month or two.

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