Aggravated with event recording!

My neighbor’s truck was broken into last night across the street. I went to view playback from my cams and I was frustrated to see that just before midnight it recorded an event of a car driving slowly down our street, then coming back the other direction. However the recording cut off and it looked like there would have been more to the video. Why would it have cut off like this? I have SD cards in all my cams and have them set to record to local storage. Also, I don’t understand the sensitivity slider options. Is a lower setting like all the way at 1 better for making sure you absolutely capture everything? I had my sliders up at 100 so I’m not sure if that contributed to the video getting cut off early or not

Higher is more sensitive.
At 100 you should be capturing a moth farting.
With full time recording this setting shouldn’t come in to play.

The playback feature is notoriously intermittent. Since you’re not specific, playback might have just quit working. Happens to me all the time.

If the video is that important, pull the SD card, and grab the 1-min videos from the date/time in question.

Keep in mind that SD card recording is entirely independent of Event recording. Also SD footage can only be viewed by selecting view playback from the live view screen. Or you could pull the SD card and view it on your computer.

If you have SD card recording setup you should be able to go back to the time the event occurred to see more of it, especially if you have continuous recording on.

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