After setting up Home Monitoring Service, the Camera notifications are way faster!

Hi everyone!

I just set up my new Wyze Home Monitoring kit, and I’m pretty happy with the system so far! One thing I didn’t expect was a vast improvement to the response time of my cameras for person detection. Before, there would sometimes be a 5 minute delay between walking in front of the camera and having it send me a notification, but now it’s less than 5 seconds!

I wonder, does the new base station perform the person detection processing locally instead of sending it out to the AWS servers? If so, that’s a huge selling point for HMS, and I’d be looking to buy a ton more cameras to put up around my house.

Thanks for your time, and great job on releasing another great product for a reasonable price, Wyze!

Wait… I wonder if they are making PD local with the base instead of servers… I don’t want the home monitoring system and I don’t actually think they are because they never said they were but if they are they better sell that base separately for those who don’t actually want the HMS service.

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Might just be because the app cache got flushed while he was configuring the new gear…

I doubt the base is doing any analysis.

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Were you able to get the system to turn on your cameras when you armed the system? I can’t seem to figure out if I can do this or if I have to turn on the cameras separately after arming the system…

Unfortunately there isn’t a rule trigger yet for HMS being armed, so best bet is to make a shortcut to turn on and then turn off the cameras in this situation.