After firmware update, WyzeCam v3 not staying on

I updated my v3 firmware two days ago.
Set the rules for the cam to record at night and send me notifications until bedtime. I also have CamPlus on it. Tonight, I noticed I wasn’t getting notifications. When I opened the Wyze app, the circle on the camera thumbnail was grey and indicated it was “OFF”, despite the camera set to record all night. I turned the camera on in the app, double checked all the rules were active. Next time I opened the app, same thing - camera turned itself off.

I’ve restarted the camera a couple times, synched the time. It won’t stay on.

Is anyone else having this issue after the firmware update? How did you fix it?

UPDATE (12/17/21): My v3 is working fine again after I did a firmware flash, setting it back to the firmware version prior to the December 6 update.