After 14 Days?

After 14 days what happens to stuff on the cloud?

It gets overwritten and is gone. Only the stuff on the 14th day into the 15th.

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Thank you for the information
I enjoy the products so much

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No problem, I enjoy them as well. Over and above some commercial grade systems.

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A different question

Is there a way to setup a couple of way points?

Thank You
Stephen Somogji

What are you referencing?

With regard to the Pan Cam, you can set up waypoints using the Pan Scan feature. See below:


Other than the fact they don’t support Ethernet.

If you have a strong WiFi and decent bandwidth, you really don’t need the hard line.

Even so, I have an enterprise WiFi system with a 400/200 internet speed and still simultaneous rtsp LOCAL streams still put way too much pressure on WiFi networks for long term or permanent use.

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I can’t access the site. An ‘OOPS’ page comes up. Any suggestions?