After 10/22 update camera stopped working properly?

I love my cam,

But not this update.

This was the first update for me after 3 weeks of super solid performance.

When I got the update notification, I was a bit worried. But I agreed n then the cam booted up and never recorded again. No sound detection, no motion detection, random cam rebooting with clicks.

I’ve tried:

Dev app Cam reset

Dev deletion

Closing the App

Unplugging the dev

Re-entering Wifi password

A new dev set-up procedure

All leading to a temporary connection, then whatever I do it freezes!

Hand wave - freezes

Move off live feed it fails to reconnect

I can record off a live feed for awhile b4 that too stops.

What I do get are long periods with a solid blue light as usual.

But with lots of intermittent yellow blue flashes n clicks.

Is it the cam? App or the Update?

Anyway to go back to the old version?


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  1. Click the support link at the top of this page and make sure you've gone through all the steps in Troubleshooting
  2. While on the support page, search "firmware" to revert to a previous firmware version
  3. If all else fails, submit a support ticket (preferably from within the app just after experiencing problems)

After completing all the steps.

I tried it on a few other Cam apps no dice.
Then b4 I tried out the “Service Tic. Req.” .
I removed the 64gb sd card.

It worked like a charm and slowly. My cam is getting to back to it’s old self.

In my case, it seems that after the update, my 64gb SD card ( which always displayed as a 48gb), was too much for my Cam.

I replaced the 64gb with a 16gb that I had lying around. Problem solved!

After 9 days, things are fine with no major problems, so far.

Thx again!

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