Advice on troubleshooting Rules


I am looking for any advice you all may have on troubleshooting rule failure/error.

I am currently struggling with two different rules. The first is to turn off all the lights at midnight. The other is to reset my living rooms lights after a person has been spotted.

The first rule just randomly doesn’t turn off some lights. The rule works about 3/4 the time but does not consistently work. I will admit that this has become more of a recent issue that I have not had previously. It started a few months ago and has been about the same since.

Screenshot of the first rule:

The second rule only works about half the time. This has been a problem for me since I set it up a few weeks ago, so I’m assuming that I don’t have something set up correctly.

The second rule is:

Which is based on this rule:

I’d appreciate any advice!

I’ve seen this issue of trying to turn something automatically on or off at :00 of any hour. Try a few minutes before or after. It helped before.


I agree with @Sam_Bam – I have seen this myself, and with rule unreliability I also recommend trying a few minutes before or after the hour. I suspect the servers get overwhelmed on the hour.

On the second rule, try not doing two things at once. My understanding is the commands get broadcast in unison, and the device may miss some of the broadcast. If true, this needs to be fixed. But in the meantime try to send only 1 command to a device at a time.


@Newshound @Sam_Bam thank you for that suggestion. I have previously tried to move it off of the hour by a few minutes (if I remember correctly around 3 minutes) but the issue persisted. Ironically it’s been better when on the hour than off. Would you recommend trying a larger distance of time?

On the second rule I should have clarified more. The full bright white light triggers just fine every time (as far as I’m aware) but it’s the reset that doesn’t seem to trigger at all. Is the light being on for 4 minutes a reliable trigger?

Interesting. I have not had issues, except on the hour or half hour. Moving the time always fixed it.

Always has been with me. I have only had trouble with sending multiple commands to the same device at the same time.

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Yes, particularly because it cost only a little more time. (lol, did you like that? That was a Wyze joke/pun.) lol

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on your third rule for motion in the front yard, what is the time associated to it?

There could be some timing issues occurring.

  1. What I am seeing is that you want some of the lights off at midnight (Bedroom, Living Room, and Office)

  2. If the Desk Lamp has been on for 4 minutes, then turn on your Living Room Lamp and Tall Lamp. This should fire at sunset and end at sunrise

  3. When a Person is detected on the Front Yard Camera you want to activate the following lights: Living Room, Desk Lamp, Living Room, and Tall Lamp as well as turn in the Living Room Camera. However, what is the time you want this to occur?

With all that said: Not sure where your front yard camera is, so if it sees a reflection of you or someone, it could trigger one of the rules.

The other thing I am currently researching is the Sunset to Sunrise timing. My Flood light Pro seems to not do what I want when setting this. However, when I set the start time to 6pm and off at Sunset it seems to work 100% of the time. So as a Test, try changing the start time to something other than Sunset and see if the rules fire.

Another thing to try is to split the rules into multiple. Another words, on the Sunset to sunrise rule, set one rule to fire at sunset. Then set another rule to fire at sunrise, if possibe.


@Newshound thank you for the reply! It’s good to know that it’s a reliable trigger.

@Sam_Bam thank you! I will try a few more minutes removed.

@spamoni thank you for the reply. I am not having any issues with the third rule. I am using sunset to sunrise on the third rule. I have found sunset to sunrise to be a reliable rule on my end. I have quite a few rules based on sunset or sunrise. I appreciate the note about possible reflections but that is not an issue for me.

My main issue is the living room not resetting after the desk lamp has been on for 4 minutes. Sometimes this rule triggers and other times it doesn’t. When it doesn’t work there is no history of it in the rules ui.

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