Advice for using 16 v3 cameras, possible to get sensor data?

I’d like to set up 16 v3 cameras for a research project. I have a few questions I was hoping someone might be able to help with:

  1. Any advice for best platform to handle that number of cameras, or is that easy enough for an Android phone with the Wyze app? Viewing over the web would be great. Right now I’m considering something like Memu or Nox on a PC then setting up remote desktop for secure viewing remotely.

  2. Is it possible to export lists of motion events or access the motion sensor data? I’d love to be able to graph activity levels over time. Maybe possible using IFTTT? Ability to have sensor readings/threshold levels would be great.

  3. Is there any firmware I can use to access the video files over wifi instead of having to pull the microSD cards? I can pull the cards and copy files if needed, but that will take a while for 16 cameras. I read a bit about the Dafang firmware, but I’m not 100% clear on whether that has been successfully used with v3 yet.

  4. I saw I can share access with others in the Wyze app, and that seems to give only basic access. Is there any way to allow multiple apps to change all camera settings?


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As I type this, there is no provision for watching a Wyze V3 on a computer. There are a couple work arounds involving Android emulators. Some people report success and some not so well. I have no experience with that. The earlier V2 and Pan cameras have Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) firmware available (and it works well) which will then work with lots of PC applications. Personally I am using BlueIrirs software on a computer to watch up to all 16 of my V2 cameras that have RTSP firmware. RTSP firmware is coming for the V3, but it is not yet available. I am anxiously awaiting RTSP for the V3 cameras. The latest V2 and Pan camera firmware adds WebRTC, but so far no information on how to make use of it and one has posted that they figured it out. BTW, BlueIris software allows setting up a web server for remote viewing. That works well too.
As for watching 16 cameras on a phone (Android or iOS), only sort of. You can only see a max of four at a time.

Not that I know of.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no way to do a remote file transfer. That capability has been requested. I know that there are non-Wyze firmware options that in some cases offer different options, but I have no experience with them.

Yes, you as a camera account owner can share any camera with any other Wyze account. The recipient of the share has a subset of the capabilities, but you have no control over what they can or can not do. In other words, all shared users have the same capabilities. Most of the camera settings can not be changed except by someone using the Wyze app while logged in with the camera owner’s account. You can have multiple phones logged into the same account at the same time.

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@K6CCC was kind of enough to answer in detail, but for a research project such as you described these are not the cams you’re looking for. :frowning:

Using any standards based competitor (including Wyzecam V2 with RTSP firmware) will give you the flexibility you require.

If you’re deadset on the V3 (e.g., you want a cheap starlight sensor) then you could consider proxying the connections through TinyCam Pro.

Yeah, I was really interested in the cheap starlight sensor. But maybe black and white could work just as well. Using Blueiris or setting up a web server with TinyCam Pro sounds like a good option.

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Thank you for the very detailed reply! I found a blog post where someone used IFTTT to automatically populate a Google Sheet with motion detection info so they could view activity graphs, but there wasn’t a lot of information about how they made that happen. So I might need to just mess with it and see what I can make happen.