Additional Pan Scan Points

Can you please add another point to the pan settings or make it optional or up to the user how many they have. Because i need one maybe two more stops for my pan cam to be able to view what i need otherwise its not showing full area i need.

More Waypoints, Pan V2

It would be good to have more waypoints for the pan cam v2.
If you could allow us to keep adding more past four, that would be great.
Four is insufficient to cover the points of interest with longer focal length lenses.

The sort of use I’m suggesting uses two cameras. One stock cam v3 covers the broad ‘scene’. The pan (with a long focal length lens, i.e. 25mm) is then used to sweep the scene.
This approach could avoid the need for a zoom lens, keeping the product cheap. The focus won’t be perfect everywhere, but the result appears to be surprisingly useful in testing.
This can provide enough detail to actually identify people over a broad range of distances.

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