Addition of Doorbell now reports high CPU usage on Android

Since adding a new doorbell to my home setup, my android app now continues to report high CPU usage by the android app (22-24%). Even after killing and restarting the app, it continues to run in the background with hi cpu usage, and give me many (12-14) warnings a day about high CPU usage.

anyone else experience this?

I am using a Pixel phone and not experiencing this issue. What device are you using and Android Version?

I am using Android 12 Build SD1A.210817.037.A1

In the app, go to Account then app settings and see if Hardware decoding is on. If it is turn it off and se if that helps.


Can’t add to that. Great response, @spamoni4. :slight_smile:


The doorbell firmware is

I’m using an Samsung Galaxy S21 on Android 11 RP1A.200720.012 ( latest release from carrier)

The hardware decoder is turned off…

What Wyze app version are you using?

Latest version on Android v2.26.22

Try turning it on. It speeds up slower Android devices.

I try with it on but it’s not a slow phone. The S21 is one of the fastest out there…

Also. The issue is battery drain in the background, so not sure how the hardware decoding ( when viewing videos) is going to do much… I check the android logs ( via adb) and nothing was evident in the logs.

I have about 6 cams, 1 pan, door lock and the door bell. The only reason inlet it run in the background is the auto unlock for the door ( but battery was never an issue prior to the doorbell)