Adding sensors Security System

While setting up my new system I inadvertently closed out of the app before adding some sensors. How can I get back into, “Device Setup”? It appears that once it is closed that you can’t add to it - but that can’t be. H E L P !!!

When you run the app, it goes to the Home screen. You should see your installed list of devices there.

To add more, just press the ‘+’ (add) button at the top left corner of the screen.

If you are adding Home Monitoring devices, go to the Monitoring tab, the Home Monitoring Settings at the bottom of the page, then Home & Away. Any sensors added the first way should be listed, but if not there is an ‘add new sensor button’ there too.


Sometimes the obvious escapes us, as this did to me. Simple, yet elegant solution. THANK YOU, both for your response and being there to help. Hope you had/have a great safe, holiday.