Adding new hub freezes Monitoring function

I could not get my any of my devices to pair to my hub when using Ethernet. It would allow pairing when the hub was connected via Wifi. So Wyze sent me a new replacement hub. Before deleting the old hub, I connected the new hub via Ethernet and it worked fine as long as it was more than 5 feet from my router. So I deleted my old hub and paired all my devices to the new hub. All was well until I selected the Monitoring function. It said that setup was not complete, but it would not let me complete setup and, if I selected to restart setup, it came back with “failed”. Turns out that, if you’ve completed monitoring setup and then you delete the hub, you should not use the plus button to add a hub back. You must delete the old hub, then select “Monitoring” and it will restart the setup process.

So - if you have deleted your hub for any reason, the software needs to not allow you to add a hub via the home page if monitoring setup has completed. Or, if you have deleted a hub and then added a new hub using the plus button on the home page, the software should automatically restart the monitoring setup function. Right now it just freezes and can’t be reset.