Adding cameras from another country to my account

Is it possible to add cameras from another country to my existing account or do I need to open another account?

Tried typing in my wifi and it won’t connect.

Shouldn’t make any difference what country you’re in - unless the other county uses a WiFi standard not used in the USA.


You need to be at the location of the camera and logged into the local WiFi that the cam will be connected to in order to set the cam up under your account. You should then be able to access that cam and any other cams from most locations around the world even though the account may have devices in multiple locations.

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Are you at the physical location of the camera you are trying to add?

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A few options…some of which I don’t recommend, but will list anyway:

  • Go to that other country, set it up on your account, then go back home.
  • Set it up where you are at, then mail it to the person who will be using it, and tell them to change their router SSID to use the same WiFi name/password that you set it up with.
    • Alternatively, ask them what their SSID/Password are and set up your camera with those same credentials on a temporary hotspot or something, then ship it to them
  • Have them set up the camera on their own account, then “Share” that camera with you.
  • Share your account username and password with someone over there that you trust a lot…have them set up the camera on your Wyze account, then when it is setup, change your password again and make sure to have 2 factor authentication setup. (I don’t recommend this option, but it IS something that will work)
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