Adding Cam Plus monthly has caused many problems, including causing cam pan to go offline

I had an annual plan on cam plus on my Wyze Cam Pan V1.

Two days ago, I added a monthly cam plus on Wyze Cam V3. It never succeeded, although Paypal said the money has been sent to Wyze. In the meantime, my Wyze Pan Cam V1 has become offline.

Today I paid Paypal again to buy another monthly plan of cam plus for my Wyze Cam V3. Still, it has no plan.

I’ve tried different thing to bring Pan Cam online. The last thing was re-adding the Pan Cam, which worked. The problem is that there is no cam plus plan associated with it.

So basically, my two cameras have no cam plus plans.

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If you are using PayPal as payment, I assume you are purchasing from some place other than the Wyze Website. I recommend never buying subscriptions from anywhere but the Wyze Website. Not even thru the App. The Google Play and Apple App Store processing and management cause nothing but issues.

When you go into Account, Services, what do you see under the Cam Plus banner?