Adding Additional Licenses to Cam Plus

I have 3 be Cams but only one Cam-Plus license…I’d like to purchase an additional license from Google Play but when I try buy or edit license s I get a error… license purchased already and it won’t let me buy additional ones.

I don’t think Google Play or Apple store has the Cam Plus license. I think you can purchase it through the Wyze app though.

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I did purchase 1 license through Google Play, I manage on the Google Play subscriptions page…problem is it only lets u change payment options… not the amount of Wyze Cam-Plus license s

I purchased my first license through the app, used Google Pay. I had to purchase the second license on the website. Now it says they are managed in two different places. It’s very disconnected and annoying. Plus they charged $19.99 though the app, but apparently had a sale going for $14.99 on the website. I shouldn’t have to hunt for the best pricing.

You can also purchase additional licenses through Amazon. Also, Amazon is way cheaper.