Add This Again option above Delete

If a Wyze device needs to be re-added to the Wyze app for any reason it has to be Deleted.
there should be a Add This Again, Re-add, Reseat or Reconfigure button above the Delete button.
This keeps the configuration of the Wyze device and Re-adds it with the current settings.

As a example if a camera is stops working that person needs to go out to the camera, press reset, re-scan the QR code and wait for it to connect. With a ‘‘Add This Again’’ button one could go to the camera, press reset then go into the Wyze settings and click Re-Add, the Wyze app would then re-add that device and keep all name settings, shared settings and routines associated with the device.

Not only would this simplify troubleshooting for a majority of folks, it would increase user happiness. If a camera stops working the camera owner can simply click reset on the camera, click Add This Again in the app and continue on their day.

Finally As Wyze expands it will become more important to be able to re-add a device keeping current settings.

A device can be re-setup or re-added without first deleting it. Doing it this way will retain the device’s settings.