Add support to Wyze app for new Google Pixel Tablet

I just received my new Google Pixel Tablet and the Wyze app will not install because the device is not on the supported devices list. Please add this new device.


I ran into the same issue you can actually side load it though. Just download the APK


Pixel Tablet be added?


Still waiting for Wyze to work on the Pixel tablet. I’m not sure why the app is not compatible since the tablet uses android, which Wyze can work with on other devices.

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I’ve been side-loading the app, so I know it works (mostly)… There is an issue with showing camera views in landscape, but otherwise it seems to work fine. I don’t know if this is an app issue or a tablet OS issue. It’s just a pain in the ass to have to keep side-loading the latest version.

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Wyze needs to get cracking on this. I have less than 2 weeks to return my tablet to Amazon. Given these circumstances I no longer recommend Waze to others.

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Honestly just return it I did I switched to Galaxy tab S8+ way more durable and better screen worth spending the extra money plus it costs way less now that the tab s9 is out I got my S8+ for 599$ was on prime day though
Oh and the tab S8 gets the wyze app on the play store there’s really no reason why it’s not on pixel tablet

If your cameras are setup already in your Wyze account, would TinyCam Pro load on the Pixel tablet to view and control your Wyze cameras? Just a thought.

You can also view cameras in Google home app though slower

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Come wyze let’s just add support for the pixel tablet.

I tried that and it didn’t work. Said live video is unavailable.

Weird part is I have Samsung tab S8+ and the app is on the store and everything

I tried contacting wyze support for the side load url and they will NOT provide a url to download the apk. So not sure how you did that.

They can’t send you a url because it’s not “official”

APK Mirror is also a good source. Apkmirror is run by the same people behind AndroidPolice, one of the biggest Android news websites. All uploads are manually vetted and approved, and only free apps are allowed so you won’t find any ‘cracked’ apks or ‘warez’.

Thanks for the reply. I just dumped / sold my pixel tablet as Google doesn’t provide very good support. Bought a Samsung S9 plus and the wyze app runs perfectly right out of the box…