Add Slow Motion replay & Improve Pause (all Wyze cams)

I would like to see a slower replay option on the Cam
Outdoor. The faster playback is far less necessary when we are only recording 10-20 seconds of movement. It is also difficult to pause in an exact spot on my phone. The pause icon shows up briefly and it takes many attempts to pause a person walking up my front steps without zooming from a double tap etc. Perhaps the pause capability staying up on the side of the screen.

Mod Note: Title Edited to include all Wyze cams.

The V3 playback could use the same improvement

Great idea @chrismoge!
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Also, make the pause and replay buttons white so they can be easily seen against a light background. Oh wait …

When viewing events, one of the icons (square with arrow pointing up) hands off the current video to your own video viewer. I happen to have VLC app installed. It’s has slow motion.

The problem is that the Wyze app has to download the whole video first to local storage rather than stream it.

Thanks for your input and explanation, I appreciate it. I knew I could save the video to my iphone and view it there, it would be nice if you could just do it in the Wyze app right away instead of the extra step. Also, the pause could use improvement. Thanks again

I was going through my 3v cam’s notifications from the street side of my home , of a car going slowly( 10 mph) by my house.
I tried to get still pics of it, from the video,at different positions to better ID the car,then save in my album.
Depending on the cars position I needed and its speed, it easily can take too long to capture the pic going through these steps…(1- tap the video to freeze the image it in the desired position, 2-Tap the snapshot icon to bring that feature up , then; 3-tap it to capture the pic.
Faster cars would impossible This process would be tough for competing contestants on a tv gameshow. Do they have game shows like that anymore,?

Rapid fire action shots or slow motion option.

Someone in another post mentioned, “Pinching on the timeline” to zoom in for down to the second control.

I haven’t tried it yet since I am currently watching my Doorbell cam because I’m expecting a guest. I haven’t done that before and I’ve noticed the feed blinking in and out. I’m assuming something to do with the WiFi connection.

Move video control off image, add playback controls

In a future app update, request for Wyze to move controls for event video playback under the actual video instead of floating on top. Half the time when I’m trying to pause a video, frantically tapping at center I end up zooming in.

In addition to moving playback controls to beneath the video, it would be extremely beneficial to add a video speed playback control; i.e. to play video at half speed, 2x, pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. Thanks!

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I really despise the replay on the cam. I need to see video in the first second and it is impossible with these video controls. For one thing, I run it back and it automatically starts playing again. That’s rubbish. I try to tap the screen to pause, but half the time it zooms in on the bloody video. It cannot be paused any sooner than a quarter of the way through.


Opportunity for playback improvement

One of my vehicles was recently vandalized and i got to looking into the playback so i could give it to the police and saw an opportunity for improvement.

Add a slow-mo or the option to advance the video one screen or sec at a time would be handy for when someone wants to get a pic of a face or license plate, currently its a headache trying to get to a specific screen.

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I hope a comment here in this rather old thread is the best place to add this request. I hope it doesn’t get overlooked.

It would be a big help if during replay of recorded events,

  1. the replay can be paused or restarted with just one click or tap anywhere on the screen instead of two (with the possible exception of the top right corner, where the icons for downloading etc. are), and

  2. if the entire screen did not grey out after that first click.

The way it’s set up now, it’s challenging to stop the video at a certain point you want — Because it takes 2 taps, and the video dims after the first click, making it harder to see. I can’t think of any video playback software that works like the Wyze player and that doesn’t work like the above. It seems to be an industry standard.


Considering this is a security camera the lack of options to do anything but speed the footage up is sorely lacking. I would like to request the option to slow down video playback.

Playback and pause feature

In the app during event playback, you can speed up playback, but I’d like to have playback speeds less that x1. In other words, be able to SLOW down playback to speed less than x1 speed

Also if you pause during playback, it would be useful to be able to pause playback and select a certain time on playback WITHOUT it auto playing as soon as you select time. That way you can see a specific frame of video while paused and zoom in on it. Like to see facial details easier.

I can’t believe you have not already added these features. It seems so basic. But alas it’s not available.