Add More Triggers for Wyze Rules

Please add a trigger for a specific guest code. I would like to turn on lights around the house when our cleaning person unlocks the door.

I would also like to keep the door unlocked while they are here (they leave at noon).

It would be great to allow a trigger to activate an action for a set period of time. I have a v2 camera in my garage. My overhead LED lights are powered through a Wyze plug. The plug is triggered by motion in the garage. I would like to have the lights turn off after a period of time with no motion. Currently, the plug is switched off by a trigger from a door sensor, but said door is not always activated after the plug is switched on. The plug already has a timer function, but it must be activated manually.


Are you using a wyze sense motion sensor?

You can create a separate rule that turns off the plug when the motion sensor has been clear for x period of time.

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I have actually wanted a time option for the actions section. If motion is detected I would like to flash my wise bulb off and on every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds. I would like either a flash action or the ability to have a pause for actions like:
Turn bulb on, pause 1 second.
Turn bulb off pause 1 second.
Turn bulb on pause 1 second
Turn bulb off pause 1 second.

You can kind of do this with an alexa routine in a round about way. Alexa has a wait command but the minimum time it waits is 5 seconds before performing the next action. If you need a shorter interval like (0.5 seconds) you can insert arbitrary echo volume change commands between the actions of turning a light on and off to achieve the desired delay.

currently through the Wyze PIR sensor you can do a rule such as motion not detected for 5 minutes> turn off living room plug

can we get this same trigger for the camera for motion and person detection?

I am using a Wyze bulb in my office and also have a camera in there. I keep shutting the light off with the wall switch, but I would love to set up a rule that motion not detected for 5 minutes, turn off office light.

the only way to currently accomplish this would be to buy and put in a Wyze PIR sensor which is battery operated (booo) and is somewhat harder to aim.

if this was implemented with the V2 cam I have in there I can set a good detection zone (using the new grid system) and set it for person or motion so my pets don’t turn it on or keep it on.

currently this rule/trigger is only available for the Wyze sense.


Currently when adding a device trigger rule, under the “Action” portion, the WYZE lock only has “Locks” as an action. This is definitely functional and helpful, but I would like to also have “Turn on notifications” and “Turn off notifications” similar to how the cameras and sensors have so that I can control the lock notifications while also controlling all of the other notifications for sensors and cameras. Thank you!

Hello, I see that I am not alone in my request, as it has already been added to the list, but I wanted to at least provide a bit of a “bump,” so-to-speak in hopes that it can reach some level of implementation.

My request is the addition of extra triggers within the rules… I’ve been keeping an eye out for this for a long time, and I don’t really understand how it wouldn’t have been a higher priority.

For example, my hall bathroom (that guests use), I want the lights to be fully automated. The easiest way to do that is to have the lights come on automatically when you close the door, and turn off automatically when you open the door. However, instinctively, anyone not use to a smart home will be looking for the light switch before they close the door. So I’ve added a motion sensor that will turn the lights on when they walk into the room instead.

The problem becomes getting the lights to turn off. Sure, I can have the motion sensor set to turn them off after there has been no activity for x-amount of minutes - but in order to allow that to be useful without killing the lights automatically during a bath, or a long use of the toilet, I have to set the timer pretty high. What I’d like is to be able to tell it to turn off the bathroom light when no movement is detected for two minutes, IF the bathroom door is open.


I search forums, could not find. Was surprised as this should be an easy request as the motion sensors already do this. Would really be a great benefit of having camera’s all over to detect motion and trigger things on/off. please please please enable this.

thanks for all you do. i’m not complaining as I love your products. Just something I could definitely benefit using.

I ended up going this route. I didn’t think about the motion sensor having different motion parameters than the camera. Thanks for the suggestion, works perfectly!

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A delay action in Wyze would be great as well. Thanks for your information about Alexa.

My current work around was to create two rules, device triggers, for the camera. One - when detected motion turn the switch on. Second - when switch was on for 1 minute to turn the switch off. This will work for now.

Would really like to be able to set sensor Videos triggered off either Open event or Close event.
Have some sensors setup to stay open till something happens and would like to capture video based on the Close event just like I can today with the Open event.

Lock refrigerator if wyze scale detects weight over __ lbs.

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I’d like to be able to set a device group as a trigger (a few motion sensors all having been clear for a set amount of time) to turn off some Wyze Bulbs and a Wyze Plug.

At this point, it only appears to be possible to have an individual motion having been clear to be a trigger.

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Good idea. I think you could achieve this with ITTT in the mean time.

Is there any way to have a a group of devices trigger another device/group of devices?

In my case, there is a specific area of my house where all lights are under 1 group . I want them to turn on when EITHER of the two sensors that I have pickup motion, but I want the lights to automatically go off only when BOTH sensors have been clear.


Can you make it possible for a Device Group to be used as a trigger. For example: I use multiple motion sensors across 2 rooms. I would like the lights to go on when any of the sensors are active and go off when all of the sensors are inactive. The device group displays when 1, multiple and none are active. So, I believe, this would be an easy addition. Treat the group as a device.

Really would like the ability to trigger the alarm built into the V3 Cam’s. I would love to be able to set a schedule and sound the alarm if a person is triggered for X amount of time, etc.

Had a situation where some local thugs are rifling through vehicles and would have loved to set the alarm off the other evening (automatically) to scare them off. Our vehicles are locked so he just kept on moving to the neighbors.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to setup a trigger or action for the sprinkler device.
Why would you need this ? Well I suffer from stray cats using my back yard as their toilet, and it struck me that a solution for this would be to turn a certain sprinkler on for maybe 30 seconds when I detect movement or pet recognition from my V3 cam. This could also work for people walking their dogs and allowing them on my front yard.
There are of course existing devices you can buy that do this…pressurized spray cans with sensors and pest deterrent sprinklers found at your local hardware store and pet store , but if you could do this with and existing cam and sprinkler device I think it would be a very cool addition.
It could be used for any kind of unwanted entry onto property that is covered by sprinkler.