Add More Triggers for Wyze Rules

That’s a easy rule to make but opening the Garage Door when not home is missing, unlike all other garage door OPENERS.

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I bought the watch because it promised that it could “Control your Wyze ecosystem through shortcut.” Only for me to then learn that the only things I can really do with shortcuts are mute/unmute notifications. Why is control of HMS not part of the “Wyze ecosystem?”

I’d like to be able to create a shortcut to arm or disarm HMS so that I can do it with a tap on my watch rather than having to be sure I can pull out my phone, get the app loaded, go to the right tab, and then disarm.

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@Loki This is a great list of device trigger roadmap items. Thank you for tracking these and keeping it updated!

How does the members in the Wyze community on here indicate which triggers they want and vote? Right now it looks like we can only vote on the summary post that lists the whole roadmap. This has to be important from a product perspective for you and the Wyze team to know which triggers are in most demand to prioritize the roadmap. How can we help?

For some additional context, I need the garage door controller to be able to be a trigger for when the door opens/closes in order to control the thermostat in our garage to keep it from heating our neighborhood. I incorrectly assumed that the controller would support this when I purchased it. I couldn’t chosen other garage door controllers that support this, but I love Wyze. My current alternative is to buy a sensor from another platform and mount it to the door. Not ideal.

As you have done, you indicate which is most important to you by commenting in this thread. The developers periodically review the comments as they consider which rules changes can and might be implemented.


I can confirm that this Trigger request is currently in beta testing with App version 2.40! :tada:
I just tried it out, and it is working.

I’m setting it up so switching to disarmed or cancels an alarm turns off all my sirens on all cameras too. Then I am setting it up to have alarms trigger some sirens on certain cameras.


Could you make it possible for a user to set a recurring 48 hour timer? I would like to turn ON a small water irrigation pump for 30 seconds every 48 hours.

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This would accommodate the first part of the request (48 hours). The 2nd part (30 seconds) is currently possible by creating a device trigger rules that turns off the plug (action) after it has been on for 30 seconds (trigger).

Wyze has a new survey out about rules. Here’s the link:

Please fill it out, and be sure to mention at the end your wish to have the features in this topic implemented.


I have some suggestions for people consider adding into their final survey response on the question that asks what is the most important thing Wyze should add/change with their rules. Consider the following items:

  • Conditional Logic including And/Or operators.
  • Sequential Logic for actions: right now Wyze rules blast all actions simultaneously, but they should execute in the order they are set in the rule. Related to this, Wyze could then add a “Wait X time Interval” action.
    • This would allow us to do rules like: “when Trigger A happens, execute Action B, then wait 10 seconds, then execute action C and D, then wait 10 minutes and Turn off the lights” or something like that.
  • Text to Speech or other custom sounds through a Chime or camera would be amazing for a rule option so we aren’t reliant on Alexa for all sounds.
  • Enable or disable or trigger another rule as an action.
  • Better lighting automation options. Right now it’s almost impossible to have lighting fully automated with Wyze where it 1) only turns lights on when a human enters the room, 2) leaves the lights on the entire time a human is in the room, even while sitting in a chair, and 3) only turns them off when a human leaves the room. Here are 3 possible solutions to make this finally possible:
    • Allow a camera trigger for “No event with a person in it for X Minutes” --then as long as a person is in the room, lights stay on, and lights will only turn off if there is no event with a person in it for at least 10 minutes or whatever. The time interval is necessary because it is possible for a person to hold still for a couple of minutes to not trigger an event (and you wouldn’t want lights turning off just because a person held still for 10 seconds), but it is rare for a person to hold perfectly still for 10 minutes, so setting a longer interval will ensure lights aren’t shutting off while someone is still present in the room.
    • Allow motion sensors to be grouped and have rule triggers for the whole group. So, if ANY motion sensor in the group detects motion, then the lights are turned on. If ALL motion sensors in the room are clear for 10 minutes, then turn off the lights. —This is needed because while a single motion sensor “Sensor A” can do okay at sensing big motion like someone walking into the room, it sucks at recognizing small movement such as when someone is sitting in a chair or couch watching TV. If the motion sensor isn’t within a few feet of that chair, then it will clear and turn off the lights even though the person is still in the room. If you have a second sensor, “Sensor B,” watching the Chair closely, then it will know a person is there in the chair, but as soon as “A” clears, the lights will still turn off in the room, then you might be in the dark for a while until “B” clears and then reactivates. That’s ridiculous. Allowing group rules will solve this problem and make lighting automation reasonable and possible.
    • Just enable the previously mentioned conditional logic with And/Or operators. Then we could say "IF Motion Sensor A or B or C or D senses motion, then turn on the light; If Motion Sensor A and B and C and D are clear from motion for 10 minutes then turn off the light.

Granted I would also love all the little trigger requests listed in the first post, but the above bullet points would make the Wyze rules engine incredible in general, so just wanted to throw out some of those as suggestions to consider as some of the most important recommendations if you take the survey. I’ve been advocating for these updates to the rules engine every chance I get as it would improve things for the greatest number of people in the long term.

Thanks for your time everyone.


I took this survey I received by email from Wyze.

In the last comment section I politely suggested that they take a look at the relevant wish list(s) on this forum.

They don’t need to do a survey. They know what we want.

/end of rant :grinning:


HMS mode switch and Entry Delay/Alarm/Cancel Alarm as triggers have been delivered today in the 2.40 app.


Thank you WyzeRyan! This is a great update we’ve been excited to get for a while! I have set up “Switches to Disarmed” and “Cancels an alarm” to turn off ALL sirens, so anyone in my family can easily turn them off if I am not home. Then I only have certain cameras set off a siren for certain cases (leaks, HMS alarm, and other things during specific situations/times), as well as flashing lights and other things. This is wonderful. Appreciate you guys getting this implemented!


Thanks for your encouraging feedback! We are glad our work makes your Home Monitoring experience more enjoyable!


@WyzeRyan as a maven I want to let you know that this is exactly what the @Mavens and @Mods team speak of to people when they are questioned on if there are employees in Seattle monitoring these forums and listening to what the community wants. It gets almost breathless at times to tell the community so often that there are people that are viewing their posts but not seeing the fruits of that labor. You have yet again proven that this happens. One of these days one of our team will no doubt make a list of all the things that you guys have tirelessly paid attention to and put into practice for the community. I think with the recent changes to the forum that is much more easily tracked but again it needs to be sought out, you are proof that the community is the base of Wyze And when emails are sent out calling this community friends it is met with the best intentions and a true push forward to do what is wanted by that community when able. Thank you again for all your hard work and making yourself publicly available. Just simply being available makes an impact which is irrefutable.


Hi Bam, thanks for your feedback. When I prioritize our feature/bug fix backlog, customer voice always have the heaviest weight. I personally listen via: Wyze Forum, Facebook Core/Beta/Alpha Groups, Make Your Voice Heard survey inside the HMS Settings.

I believe my colleagues on other products are doing the same.


Please add garage controller triggers (opened/closed).

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In rules, I can trigger a device to turn on when the heat turns on. I would like to trigger the same device to turn off when the thermostat reaches its setting temp. I use a blower fan while the heat is on. I’d like for it to follow my heat on/off thermostat.

I need this solution as well :+1:t3: