Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

@tomp Here’s the place to vote for IFTTT to be able to execute Wyze shortcuts:

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Thanks. I know and have already voted.


I agree wholeheartedly. That would let us do a lot - the shortcuts are already pretty good.

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I’m still hanging out for the ability to Pan a camera fully right or fully left so that becomes its “off” position.
This creates an obvious parked position, visibly unable to ‘watch’ anything.
Good comfort factor.
This would be my default OFF position and then I’d use a single ‘preset’ when the Cameras are ON’d


It would be very useful to also have a trigger for when the SD card is removed. So that if someone manages to remove it I get notified

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Is polling a sense switch included? I would like to see if the garage door is open at 9 pm and if it is, notify me.
It could tell me that I’m getting old and senile, but a custom notification is not necessary.
Not sure if this is covered ( sorry if I missed it) thx


Please add sensor/motion to IFTTT. Please lol

Wyze Sense integration has recently been implemented with IFTTT.

I published a few IFTTT applets that I’m pretty happy about:

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@Loki I’d be happy to keep maintaining this list of IFTTT triggers and actions. Is there anything you can do to get me edit access again?

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It would be great if the IF part of ifttt had triggers for camera on or camera off. THEN has the ability to turn on and off, but it would be nice to be notified if the camera was turned on or off by somebody else.

I can see my Sense devices if I select them as the trigger in IFTTT, but not when I try and use them as the action. Here’s what I’d like to accomplish:

Turn off all notifications from Sense devices when I’m within a radius of my home.

I don’t need to know each time I open my own windows, only if my windows are open or opened while I’m away.

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I would be great to have a trigger for Group all clear on the sensors. I would like any sensor to turn on my lights, but for them not to turn off until all sensors become clear.

This is also a must… Does anyone know if Wyze has a way to monitor/trigger these locally instead of IFTTT even? Having a way for a local server to get these events and able to perform these actions would be insanely useful.

An option to enable/disable notifications sent to IFTTT, this would greatly improve the capabilities of IFTTT integration as it would allow the contacts and motion sensors to be armed and disarmed by IFTTT integration using all the different options.

there is a list? I would love to have access to those recipes!

Is it possible to have an IFTTT setup to disable ‘record sound’ (found in the advanced settings) while we are at home and enable when we leave? I’m not talking about the alert/event setting. I specifically do not want sound recorded when we are home ie: in a motion event recording, no sound would be recorded if we are home.

I hope that makes sense. I am just starting new with IFTTT so please bare with me.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t an action available within IFTTT to disable/enable sound. But that is something that has been requested and is on the list. I don’t work for Wyze though, so I have no idea if it’s something they’ll prioritize.

Looking for the ability to enable/disable ‘Motion Tracking’ on Pan Cams based on triggers within the IFTTT environment. Thanks,

Can you please add “camera turned off” as a trigger to IFTTT? This way, if the Wyze cam pan is turned off, I can setup a notification through IFTTT for myself.