Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

If you run day and time for IFTTT and set up a time, Then go and enable sound detection on wyze in iFTTT there is no option for that. There is only option for Enable and Disable motion detection. Can we please add this. Unless i am doing something wrong.

Is there a better way to enable sound alert notification with IFTTT

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No, there’s not an action to enable/disable sound detection with IFTTT. But I’ve added that to the list. Thank you @metsfan2152!

Awesome! Thank you for adding that to the list.

I think that you are spot on adding for x time. I have a Wyze cam pointed right at my printer for monitoring and for timelapses, and THought it would be great to get an IFTTT going to notify me if there is an error or the print is done. Both scenarios would include the printing going from a state of constant motion to a state of no motion. If they added that feature, it would be a huge benefit to the 3D Printing community as a whole.

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@unrealnighthawk… Please add Turn On/Off Notifications Per Camera to your list of desired actions.


Actually, I think you can already. When I select WyzeCam as an action, it asks which camera it applies to in a drop-down.

All Wyze actions have an Action Field to specify the camera, except the Notifications actions. Those, unfortunately, work only on the global notification setting and not the per-camera notifications. For example, here’s the action block for enabling motion detection, which does have a camera selection:


But here’s the one for Notifications, which does not have the camera selection field:


The per-camera option for notification control needs to be added.


Another very important Action that could be added would be “Execute Shortcut”. This would run any shortcut that the user has set up in their Wyze profile. Adding this would eliminate the need for many of the other requested Actions, since they could be accomplished via the Shortcut Action. Even better, this would allow multiple actions to occur via a single IFTTT recipe.


Ah! you’re right. I hadn’t noticed that. Added that to the list.

I also just added the “Execute Shortcut” action to the list. Great idea!

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exxecute shortcuts would be great. I have done this manually, it is a bit of a pain so you have to create multiple IFTTTs with the same trigger.

One thing that would also be good is to have shortcuts have an action and then check which cameras you want, rather than checking each camera and then doing an action.


I would like to be able to trigger a snapshot at a specific time of day, then send an email to an email list including the image,

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@Brad_Taylor… I moved your other two posts to this different topic since those requests are way outside the scope of what is possible with IFTTT (not possible for Wyze to implement within the IFTTT universe).

2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Email notification with attached snapshots taken on motion detection

Thanks for the suggestions! I think you would be able to do something like that with the suggested additions, but AFAIK IFTTT is only able to have a single response to a trigger, making this complicated.

For example:
IFTTT Applet #1
Trigger: At a specific time (IFTTT-provided)
Action: Snap a photo (WyzeCam-provided)

IFTTT Applet #2
Trigger: A photo is snapped (WyzeCam-provided)
Action: Send an email (IFTTT-provided) with…
Ingredient: Photo attached / URL to the photo / something else to grab the image (WyzeCam-provided)

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I second this ASAP!!! Enable/disable sound detection via IFTTT is critical to take full advantage of the cam. I and many others have many use cases for sound detection, such as “bark monitors” to keep an eye on our furry kids.


If it could integrate with chime function on dome device.
Or if they could make a chime device like ring.

You can absolutely do something like this using IFTTT.

For example:
IFTTT Applet
Trigger: Motion is detected (WyzeCam-provided)
Action: Something that makes a sound (D-Link Siren, smart plug that powers a buzzer, etc)

Thanks Will look at d link. Did not know they made an audio.
Have smartthings hub and a dome chime/siren hooked to it.
May try ifttt to link to smartthings for more options.

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Shortcuts integration would really decrease the number of applets needed for each action.


Just signed up for the IFTTT developer platform with allows for multiple “That” instances in the same applet but I still can’t add the same action on multiple devices even though the platform allows you to add as many “thats” as you want. Anyone try out the IFTTT developer platform? Is this a limitation on the Wyze side of things. Just looking to Do an:
“If” _____ connects to wifi
“Then” turn off motion on 1 camera,
“Then” turn off motion on 2 camera,
“Then” turn off motion on 3 camera,
“Then” turn off motion on 4 camera.

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For anyone else wanting to take a look, you can sign up for free at Plans - IFTTT.

It looks to me that IFTTT does not allow the same precise trigger to be used more than once. For example, if I create an applet with an trigger, I can select the Wyze “disable motion detection” action. But when I try to add a second action, that particular action isn’t on the list.

Excellent suggestions! This would also allow stuff on IFTTT like, if the camera transitions from regular to night vision mode (if camera is located outside, switching to night vision can indicate that it’s night time), I can trigger stuff like turn on inside lights controlled by Hue or SmartThings.

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