Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

Yup, I did all that Apilio stuff. The problem is that as the messages bounce between my sensor, light, IFTTT and Apilio my light is still on. Basically that means the light is on for about 2 seconds before the message catches up and turns off the light. Certainly not doable.

Unfortunately that won’t work for sensors. That feature has been there for a bit now. I want to turn off sensors at a certain time. Wyze only allows me to turn off notifications. Not helpful if what I want is for it to not work at night only.

The trigger I would need and would use for a number of items is a trigger that would allow me to say any contact sensor was open for x time. This would allow me to do things like turn my Nest to OFF mode if a window or door was left open for a few minutes. Or start or stop my cameras from recording. etc.

Yes. Cap’s comment about not being able to turn off notifications for sensors is also true. You can see a long exchange about it earlier in this discussion thread. I think a lot of Wyze users are familiar with how the camera notifications work and assume that it’s the same story for sensors. Not so. The sensor integration is completely inferior to the cameras in that regard. You might be able to group sensors, but you can’t suppress notifications and and you can’t access the groups on IFTTT. Regardless of groups, you can’t say “if any of the motion sensors that I use for security detects motion, then…” You can only say “if this motion sensor…” or “if any motion sensor…”

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I would love to get the moving the camera to a specific way-point action added. Hey Wyze team, any update on this whole list? Anything in the works?

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Here’s a Wishlist topic that I think you’ll probably want to vote for:


We need a trigger to disable/enable motion sensors (not the camera but the actual wyze motion sensor).

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Instead of light bulb on/off actions it would be better to have a change state action. I have three bulbs in one of my rooms and it takes 6 IFTTT triggers (3 on/3 off) to control the lights with my SmartThings button. If we had a change state option I could reduce this down to three applets and then when group actions are available it would go down to one which would be awesome!.. until Wyze builds a smart button of course!


PLEASE add more actions! Given that the Wyzecams have a problem with hysterisis when the light levels are low (night vision filter keeps turning on and off constantly until the levels drop/increase sufficiently), the people who are bothered by it can just manually establish which times of day they want night vision and which times they want regular. please

I hope Wyze adds more actions and triggers soon!


Please expose person detection for IFTTT so actions can be done upon detecting a person not just a motion.


That’s a must have!

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Please make this happen.

“Please expose person detection for IFTTT so actions can be done upon detecting a person not just a motion.”

I have the wyze cams connected to my security system, and would be very useful to have a IFTTT trigger when person detected to ring the siren.


That would be really cool! I’ll mention it to the team but I don’t know how/if this would work.


@WyzeGwendolyn well, we already have “motion detection” trigger on IFTTT, and everytime motion is detected, we can trigger some action.

But it is for general motion, that means it get triggered even for some leafs blowing or shadows, if will be more useful if we had person detection as well so we can trigger events only if person was detected instead of actual “motion detected” trigger.

Thank you.

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As others have mentioned, I have a need for actions to work on groups.

For example, I have a set of Wyze cameras in GroupA and another set in GroupB. When TriggerA occurs, I want the cameras in GroupA to turn on. When TriggerB occurs, I want the cameras in GroupB to turn on. Currently, to effect this behavior, I need an applet for each camera. In my case, that amounts to seven applets.

I would love it if Wyze had an action to turn on all devices in a group. That would reduce the applets in my above scenario from seven to two. I also need the “Enable motion detection” and “Turn off device” actions to work on groups.

See the mockup below for suggestions for enhancing the “Turn on device” action.


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We need Triggers for Wyze bulbs

I would love to be able to schedule device triggers on and off. For instance, schedule my motion sensor to trigger some light on in my kitchen when it detects motions, but only between the hours of 11pm and 6am. Basically any way to schedule device triggers would be very useful.

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You may want to hop over and vote for and/or comment on this:

Guys, please add an IFTTT toggle for the IR lights! It’s already in the app, it would be so simple to do.