Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

Actually, I’ve never heard a “chirp" when a plug turns on, and in this case, these plugs are in a different room.

I know it’s been said before but I am among those who would like to see Rule triggers for when the HMS changes state (home, away, disarm), the exit delay ends, the entry delay starts, and the alarm is triggered.

IFTTT triggers for these events would also be amazing!

Push Notifications only when Home Monitoring is Armed

I would love a feature which enables the user to only receive push notifications for Home Monitoring devices when the Home is armed.

Without this feature, I might receive hundreds of unnecessary notifications while I’m inside my home and it is unarmed, and it is very cumbersome to manually disable and enable notifications every time I arm and disarm my home.

Further customization along these lines on a per-device basis would help even further!

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I came looking for this. And would like to see it too. As an alternate that might be easier to implement and get the same desired effect. Have a trigger when the fan turns on/off Vice heat mode. Since the thermostat doesn’t turn off the ’mode’ one a desired temp is reached.

I came looking for help on this. This is an older post and I can’t tell if this made the list or not. I did lots of searching. This seems to be the best place and most recent request.
It seems super Simple since ‘on’ already exists just adding an option for ‘off’. @Loki

Can we add heat/cool ‘off’ triggers to the request for development list?

Added at your request. :+1:

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Just got my scale yesterday!
I was surprised to see it was not under the triggers in the rules.
Can step on/off scale be added to triggers?
Or maybe a trigger that fires when your info is synced to google fit?

I have added this to the list at the top.

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Not a new request. Just a +1 Bump. :pray:

Would love the ability for my Wyze Plug to turn on my Floodlights at night when a Vehicle is detected by my VDB1 Doorbell on CamPlus.

Automatically close garage door if open for x minutes

Is there an option do to this? If not, please consider adding this functionality. Very useful b/c my wife usually forget to close tha garage. And we do not have notifications turn on during the day since it’s annoying to have lots of notifications.

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Everything that people want is really a complete scripting engine with simplified coding interface. Make it all do what you want that way.

I am surprised that this has not made the list, Wyze Thermostat can turn on something when heat or cool is requested, but there is no way to turn something off when the thermostat says it is done? A thread I found that is pretty old Wyze Thermostat to control Wyze Plugs?, my reason for the request is that I wanted to turn on a Wzye plug when heat or cool was called for (I can currently) to turn on a couple of fans to move the air around, and when the heat or cool turns off turn the fans off ( I currently can not do ).

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“Being Viewed” Trigger for Camera rules

This is for the Cam Pan (v1/v2), but should apply to other Wyze cameraa.

I know that when the live stream of a camera (at least on my Cam Pans) is being viewed, the camera light turns from blue to red. So the logic already exists.

Create a new trigger for rules: “When live video is being viewed by a user”.

This can be used to trigger an action (turn on a light, turn on a plug, or other action).

Another new useful action that could be added to use with this trigger is to play a sound (once or recurring) to alert people that the camera is being viewed. I’ll make a separate suggestion to play custom sounds.


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Would like to see IF front door is unlocked at a certain time, THEN Lock.

I can set a schedule to lock every night at a certain time but that burns through batteries every other month.

Spotlight Trigger status to “Auto”

I would like to have a rule trigger for V3Pro that allows me to set the Spotlight status to “Auto” instead of just “always on” or “staying off” so that I can set it up as a trigger or shortcut or schedule.


I have a V3Pro in my family room and normally I like having the spotlight on Auto to double as a night light. BUT we have a baby swing in that room, so when I try to have the baby take a nap in there and turn off the lights to the room, the spotlight is continually triggered by the swing and shining right in the baby’s eyes. I have to manually go into the settings and switch the spotlight off of auto to off. Then after the baby’s nap is done I have to manually go set that back up on auto. It is tedious. I would love to be able to schedule when the spotlight switches back to Auto automatically, or set it up so that when I flip a contact sensor or push a shortcut it automatically turns the spotlight back onto “Auto”…currently we only have the option to turn the spotlight on or off, but I’d love to be able to decide when to trigger the spotlight to “Auto” instead of permanently on or staying off.

With regard to:

  • HMS system mode change (Disarmed, Home, Away, Test)
  • HMS alarm state change (active/on-duty sensor has been triggered & off/clear)

Please refer to this closed thread for more user input.


Create a way so wyze cams become active for viewing only when the alarm is set to home or away. Then turn off when the alarm is set to disarm.

Create a trigger for camera on/off. Then allow a notification for camera on/off.

This would just be to find out if a hacker has accessed the camera and changed it.

Even a basic log of camera on/off would be useful. But a notification would be more useful.

Arm/Disarm Device Rules

Ability to turn on/off cameras when you arm away, arm home, and disarm. This way for example when your home you can have your indoor camera(s) off and when you arm away they turn on

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