Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

A lot of the requests here have been implemented over time and continue to get added. This thread is just where all Device Trigger rule request go on the bottom half of the first post titled “Requested Device Triggers” until they’re implemented, then they are moved to the top half of the first post titled “Existing Device Triggers”…so there have been 17 user requests from this list/thread implemented and launched.

I do know that employees have been talking in other threads about working on some big improvements to the Wyze rules, so hopefully we’ll see some good updates coming up. Wyze doesn’t give ETA’s very often though, so I can’t make any guesses.


Bread is also something that’s referenced when we get the rare opportunity in the forums here to talk with managers about things. I know that I use this post as a reference when I’ve talked to people in the past such as hey, this was requested at this time and quite a few people have also voice their opinion and I usually will shoot the manager a link to that. The company has grown and leaps and bounds since this thread was developed and as such there are some managers that don’t have nearly the experience of the mavens or moderators which is exactly what our teams are here. We’re lucky to be the eyes to the public for things just like this and when we get the opportunity to bring it to their attention I’m excited, I’m yet to have them say absolutely that will not take place. It’s just a matter of feasibility and resource at the time and the current direction of whatever product they’re working on or what is requested.

I would love the ability to either have multiple devices act as a trigger or have a device group act as a trigger.
I have the leak sensors and have them all in one group for ease of use to check on them. I have rules set up that when a leak is detected at a sensor it activates a Wyze plug which has a siren/strobe attached to it. This gives me a visual indicator that something is wrong and prompts me to check my phone to see where i have a leak.
The problem is that I originally only had 3 sensors but have since bought more. I don’t want to keep recreating the same rule for each sensor. Additionally if I want to have it trigger something besides that Wyze plug, then I will have to edit multiple rules.
Since sensors can only be grouped by the same type then the options for triggers within a group are already limited to only those applicable to the group.


this was available years ago where you could set multiple trigger under one rule. I don’t believe we got a reason on why it was done away with at the time as there were many changes during that time. I know myself and others have mentioned that this would be fantastic to have back. its not something that I have brought up directly with my conversations with employees though. I will definitely do that in the future though! thanks for the reminder on that @john_follett !


We really need this:


gun safe could have automatic command sent to all linked cameras in house to start recording upon any movement once safe is opened. could be very beneficial for recovery of stolen items or in defense of use of a firearm in an emergency.

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Wyze Sense Hub should have option to trigger plug wheh in alarm

This is something you guys could add easily through the software. Add the option to trigger a device when the sense hub siren is going off during an alarm.

For example use it to trigger a wyze plug that has an alarm siren or light plugged into it. Give it the option to either keep the plug on only during the alarm siren event or turn on/off a device and leave it on/off for addded flexibility.

Could even be used to set off an alert about your vacation home in your home.

This is pretty much a common sense move. I don’t know why it hasn’t been added already.

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That is a great idea. Here is my work around solution.

I have a Wyze plug named “Main Siren” plugged into an outlet but set to Off. I have another one named "Siren”, plugged into “Main Siren” but set to "On”.

I have a 3rd party siren (purchased from Amazon) plugged into “Siren”.

Here’s how it works: When I Arm the Wyze monitoring system at bedtime, I separately turn On “Main Siren”. After about 30 seconds, the Offline icon for “Siren” turns to “Off”.

I then setup some rules for each of my sensors so that when a sensor is “triggered” it turns on the “Siren” Wyze plug, thus supplying power to the Very Loud siren from Amazon.

I also set up some rules so when “Siren” turns On, it turns on all of the lights in my house that have Wyze Switches, as well as, all of my outside Soffit lights.

Boy, does it work, as I accidentally left our front door bolt unlocked one night, and the door knob little bolt must not have been fully inserted. A huge gust of wind blew it open in the middle of the night. :man_facepalming:

We were awakened by the Wyze siren in our bedroom and the Amazon siren blaring with all of the lights in the house on. :flushed:

The only issue is remembering to turn “Main Siren” on and off when I arm/disarm the Wyze HMS. I hope my explanation is clear and helpful for anyone interested in this solution until Wyze gets its act together an at least links their HMS to their chime or comes up with another solution.

Thanks!!! Lee


Sounds like it would work. Does the momentary chirp when the plug turns on annoy you? I noticed there is a bug in the Wyze plug that even when it’s set to off when it’s shut off it will turn on for a moment while booting up. My next project is a small circuit to interrupt the chirp. If it works it will require the wyze plug to be on for about 7 seconds before it actually goes on. If it works it would only work with the low voltage mod I made though. Might get it it some time next week. Going to try to use a 555 timer and a basic circuit.

Not sure what you mean by that Loki/ Could you give me a more detailed description?

Actually, I’ve never heard a “chirp" when a plug turns on, and in this case, these plugs are in a different room.

I know it’s been said before but I am among those who would like to see Rule triggers for when the HMS changes state (home, away, disarm), the exit delay ends, the entry delay starts, and the alarm is triggered.

IFTTT triggers for these events would also be amazing!

Push Notifications only when Home Monitoring is Armed

I would love a feature which enables the user to only receive push notifications for Home Monitoring devices when the Home is armed.

Without this feature, I might receive hundreds of unnecessary notifications while I’m inside my home and it is unarmed, and it is very cumbersome to manually disable and enable notifications every time I arm and disarm my home.

Further customization along these lines on a per-device basis would help even further!

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I came looking for this. And would like to see it too. As an alternate that might be easier to implement and get the same desired effect. Have a trigger when the fan turns on/off Vice heat mode. Since the thermostat doesn’t turn off the ’mode’ one a desired temp is reached.

I came looking for help on this. This is an older post and I can’t tell if this made the list or not. I did lots of searching. This seems to be the best place and most recent request.
It seems super Simple since ‘on’ already exists just adding an option for ‘off’. @Loki

Can we add heat/cool ‘off’ triggers to the request for development list?

Added at your request. :+1:

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Just got my scale yesterday!
I was surprised to see it was not under the triggers in the rules.
Can step on/off scale be added to triggers?
Or maybe a trigger that fires when your info is synced to google fit?

I have added this to the list at the top.

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Not a new request. Just a +1 Bump. :pray:

Would love the ability for my Wyze Plug to turn on my Floodlights at night when a Vehicle is detected by my VDB1 Doorbell on CamPlus.