Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules

With the addition of sensors the Wyze system could easily be set up as a simple inexpensive security alarm. However the ability to do this is made more difficult by the inability to use more than one individual sensor to trigger an action. We really need to have the ability to add more than one trigger in the rule creation. Another possible way around this would be to have the ability to trigger based on groups. Also, it would be great to have the ability to send notifications based on the group of sensors as well as individual sensors. These abilities would make the system much more usable as a simple security system and should be relatively simple programming changes to the app.

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Note this item in the original post:

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Create a rule based on how someone opens a lock (key or app or manual

With this format, I can tell the device to start or stop recording.

@Nimma I have added this request to the list at the top of topic.

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I would suggest a way to set multiple sensors to trigger the same actions (any sensor opens/detects motion, then turn on a smart plug (with a siren plugged in).

Also, the ability to create a shortcut to quickly enable/disable trigger rules all at the same time from the home screen.

Finally, when you set a trigger rule and enable a schedule, as of now, if you make the trigger all day then go back to the schedule it does not remember the original time setting. It makes you re-enter the start and end time every time you re-enable the schedule. It should remember the previously set schedule.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

This is covered here: Shortcuts and Rules with multiple and/or conditional triggers

This one is covered here: Add More Actions for Wyze Rules (Note: " * Enable/disable other rules (event triggered and scheduled)".

If I’m understanding correctly, I cannot replicate this. Are you referring to the schedule that’s embedded in the settings of a Device Trigger rule? This should be being remembered. I think you should submit a Support Request on this. If this needs more discussion, please start a new topic in #ask-the-community and tag me.

I just received my new keypad and installed it. I noticed you cannot setup a rule related directly to the keypad since it’s not listed under devices, only the lock listed. Would it be possible to include the keypad so you are able to create a specific rule for just the keypad. For example, I would like to be notified either through the app or even by text message when someone uses the keypad, or I would like a smartplug or lightbulb to go on when someone uses the keypad.


So since I have gotten my lock, I have had no problems except for: One time my dog went nuts and I heard (over my front door cam) the keypad denying a stranger access to my home. Scary right? Yeah… so I went and bought a cam and a case that is supposed to be weatherproof off amazon :crossed_fingers:t3:to post up outside on my door… what I am asking Wyze for is a new type of alert :rotating_light: and/or each time someone enters a password incorrectly onto the keypad, it records it in the app. With the new type of alert it could be something simple like ”someone’s entered A wrong code” or “someone’s trying to access the front door with code “11111””. On top of that I think it would be great to allow the lock to send videos to the cloud every time the keypad has a incorrect attempt. This would be run like a simple device trigger. Thanks for all you do Wyze, work your magic​:joy:.

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I would like to see a trigger that is status based, not action based (I as surprised to find this doesn’t exist). As an explanation, having the contact sensor in an “open” state be the trigger, rather than the act of opening.

Here’s my particular scenario. I have shop lights all over my garage, including two that are obscured by the door when it is open. Those two lights are plugged into a Wyze plug, and I have a contact sensor on the door, set to trigger on/off appropriately. BUT… if I turn on the lights after I have already opened the door, no joy. Wyze is looking for an action, and there is none to be found. Additionally, as the plug is on the lighting circuit, if I turn on the lights and open the garage door BEFORE the plug has had time to reconnect to WiFi, no joy.

I hope I was clear enough, because I imagine this would be a dead-simple thing to implement.

It might not be that dead simple as it would require content polling of the sensor state, which may have other affects/implications.

You may want to look at this related #wishlist topic: Shortcuts and Rules with multiple and/or conditional triggers

I would like to be able to set a bulb to turn off when another bulb loses connectivity due to lose of power and to turn on when said bulb regains connectivity to do regaining power. This would also be handy in creating alerts if power is cut to a device or setting up event records for such a thing as well.

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Hi there, I run a shelter for homeless people and we are worried about clients who use heroin. I’m wondering if Wyze could create a rule to trigger a smart outlet that I will plug into an alarm when the heart rate drops below a designated threshold?

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@Loki, As mentioned in this article by Wyze, when the battery drops below 20%, a Low Battery push notification will be sent to your Wyze app.
It should be perfectly feasible to use that notification as a trigger to switch on a Wyze plug so that charging starts. Equally important would be to have a similar notification for when the battery reaches 80 or 100% charged. This second notification could work as a trigger to switch off the Wyze plug so that charging stops and the battery is not destroyed.
This will allow outdoor cams to be used in a “plug n’ forget” way, similar to v2’s.
The next step would be to integrate this rule into IFTTT in order to create routines like “IF outdoor cam battery falls down to 20%, THEN switch on any charger or plug (outside the Wyze product family)”.

I’ve aded “Outdoor Cam Above/Below X% charge” to the list at the top. If this is implemented, IFTTT would not be needed as this could be accomplished entirely within a Wyze Rule.


It would be very useful to get a notification if a door sensor is open at a specific time. I’m always leaving my garage door open overnight so it would be nice to get a notification if the door is open at say 11:00pm. The notification that it has been left open for a certain amount of time is not useful for this,


I would like to get a group of sensors to be a device trigger. Like I have all my window sensors in one group it’d be nice to have that group be able to trigger a action without setting up each sensor independently.

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Note that the item " * Wyze sense/bulb groups (eg. any contact of group opens, all contacts of group close)" would satisfy this request. See also this related #wishlist topic: Virtual Motion Sensors (combining of multiple physical sensors).

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I would like to be able to use the contact sensor status as a trigger and have that trigger available in Alexia.

Would be nice to have an action to turn on and off notifications from a rule for the Wyze Lock. The same as what can be done for other devices.


Is there a wyze cam feature that detects light ON and OFF. I want to set this ‘rules’ but not available in the available options. Please help if this can be done.

Be nice if it could detect the app when you are within range and you can set certain cameras to stop recording. Then when leaving the house it resumes recording.