Add more Cam Models to HMS Security Cam Compatible List

I recently installed a Floodlight Pro and it was disappointing that its not compatible with the HMS (which I am a subscriber of). Nowhere in the product listing it is mentioned that the floodlight pro is NOT compatible with the HMS. Should have been compatible in the first place.


I’ll give two big thumbs down, one for the doorbell pro, the other for floodlight pro. Apparently “pro” stands for “pro-bably never supported.”

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What don’t you like about them? Those are 2 of my favorite Wyze devices. I have 6 Floodlight Pros and 2 VDBPros and they both work amazingly well. I have devices from multiple other companies and Wyze’s FLPro blows them all out of the water.

Only downside I can see is that RTSP isn’t natively built in. But there are workarounds to get it, so other than that, they’re awesome to me. What isn’t working for you?

Edit: Oh, HMS integration? Yeah, that would be nice, that is more of notification though (never triggers an alarm from an HMS security camera)

Yeah, HMS integration. Other than that, love the doorbell. Only had the flood up less than 24 hours (thanks to a completely borked flood v1… thanks for the update, wyze…), but looking good so far.

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Please add the new v4 cam support for HMS!!



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Add HMS support for the video doorbell pro so I don’t have to have to pay for cam plus! I already pay for HMS.


I totally agree, super disappointed this wasn’t already enabled!

If we complain enough they may add it! WE NEED THIS! I don’t want cam plus and my 5 camera security system. I should only have one payment for the whole service and all the cameras should work! HMS FOR DOOOOOOORBELL PLS