Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I’d like to create a shortcut action to turn on/off event recording. I don’t see it’s supported now. Alternatively I see there is an action to turn off motion detection, can we turn off sound detection as well?

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It would be great if there was a Wait or Delay that could put into routines. For example, if the motion detector detects motion, turn on the hallway lightbulb, then Wait 5 minutes, then turn off the lightbulb.

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I would like to be able to set up a shortcut that allowed me to put all of my bulbs (or the ones I select) into vacation mode at the same time instead of having to go to settings on each bulb individually.

When I leave the house I want to be able to turn motion tracking on and all day event recording on. When I return home I want to return to motion tracking and event recording only during my pre-set time setup (IE: from 11 pm to 6 am while I am sleeping), It is irritating to have the pan cam constantly tracking me when I am home and turning these features on and off for 4 devices takes way too long.

You can do it based on bulb groups, rather than just individual bulbs. But if you don’t want them grouped together in the app, this might not be helpful.

I would love to have the ability to schedule when my cameras start panning. Its useful especially when having multiple cameras.

I have the Auto turned on for Night Vision. During dawn/dusk, I can hear the camera night vision filter constantly clicking as the camera senses the intensity of the light increase or decrease.

Can an automation rule be included where night vision can be turned on/off depending on a set time?

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Hi. I was wondering why when setting up rules, turn on/off sound detection is not listed among the choices.

It seems to me, that that choice might be useful for an “I’m Away” rule. For example, for our main living area camera, we could activate sound detection along with motion detection. We wouldn’t really need either, though, if we’re home, sitting in our main living area. Maybe I’m just missing something. Thanks.


Hi @KarlWS, I have merged your topic into this #wishlist thread. You can vote for it at the top-left. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if this has been posted before, however, after purchasing a couple cam pans and testing them out, I believe having the ability to schedule pans and motion tracking (like detection scheduling) would be a great feature. Currently I have a 2300-0600 hour detection schedule rule and would like nothing more than to enable the pan and motion tracking just during that schedule. My wife gave me hell today because the cam was following her all around the kitchen this morning at 0730 while making her coffee. Normally I’m up before her and will disable the pan and motion tracking :grin:. Thank you for your consideration.

It will be very useful and easier if rules can be Enable or Disable through a shortcut. Possibly add an option to group some rules that can be enabled or disabled at the same time without having to go through each individually.

Ability to automatically transition color of bulbs from daytime to evening without turning all the lights on. I have to go into the app and change manually every day each bulb that is currently on. If I set them to change color on a schedule then all the bulbs have to come on for the color to change. Since. I don’t know which lights I’m going to have on at what time. If I’m watching a movie and have only have two lights on I would like only those two lights to change color not for the ones that are turned off to turn on and change color.

@OneLove, I have added this request to the list at the top of this topic as follows:

  • Change Bulb brightness/color temp without changing on/off state

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Wyze has confirmed that this feature is on the way over here, but I’m not sure about timeline.

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I feel like enabling motion tracking on the Wyze Cam Pan should be a feature added to rules. There is a delay in when I get notified of the camera being activated and when it is actually activated. Do to this it would be great for the camera to track motion and record what is going on until I get notified and can live stream. Hope this makes since. Thanks

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It would be helpful to allow for more detailed Wyze Sense notification settings to be updated through a rule. For example:

  • If you have a rule for when you are “home”, you may want to be notified only when your garage doors are left open for a certain period of time, but not each time the doors are opened or closed.
  • If you have another rule when you are “away”, you may want to be notified when the doors open, close, or are left open.

Best I can tell, the current rule logic can only turn notifications on or off, but cannot set the details of those notifications based on the Wyze Sense device.


I love having a home or away option. I don’t need to know every time my wife walks into the closet and I don’t need to know every time my wife walks into the laundry room. I’m home I know she is in the closet or in the laundry room or quite frankly doesn’t really matter that she’s in the closet or the laundry room. But if I am away from home and someone enters in my closet I kinda wanna know that. :thinking:

So yes add an option for away and home PLEASE!!!

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I think being able to add a rule to a “group” would be great. I have some Bulbs in groups that if any of them have been on for X minutes or more, to turn the group off.

Or expand Sense ones to chain if statements. For instance:
if Gargage Motion detected
Turn on X light group
Then if garage motion is not detected for 15 minutes
Turn of X light group