Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

dusk to dawn spotlight schedule

setting option to turn on the spotlight on the v4 from sunset to sunrise.

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How is this a rule?

I thought it was a separate setting but oh well. If wyze doesn’t fix this , the I’m taking down my v4’s and just replacing them with v3’s with a spotlight to automate the spotlights to turn on from dusk to dawn

I voted for this topic a while back, because there are already some great ideas on the list of suggestions. I’d like to add another: Make the doorbell chime ring.

I sort of suggested this in another topic:

Now I’m thinking of a different use case: Say you have a doorbell mounted in a protected alcove that would have minimal chance of seeing random motion. Say you receive deliveries here but can’t for the life of you get the delivery folk to actually push your doorbell button. Maybe you want the doorbell to ring inside your house as a consequence of person or generic motion detection.

I don’t know if something like this would be technically possible, particularly with the Video Doorbell v2, which can use the house’s built-in chime. I don’t know if it’s necessary for a physical button press to complete the circuit and make the doorbell chime ring or if it’s possible to send a signal down the wire without the button press, but I’m just tossin’ this out an as ask in case it is possible.

Other possible use cases were suggested in a different topic:

Any way to hook up the doorbell chime with other cameras, motion sensors, etc.?
For example, if a camera detects a person in my backyard, and I’m home but not expecting anyone to be lurking about, it would be nice to be notified with a doorbell chime.

I didn’t see a way to trigger the chime (or the doorbell for that matter).
Any ideas on this? If it helps, I’m asking about the Doorbell Pro.

@rbhateja At the suggestion of @crease (thanks!), I’ve moved your post over to this topic and added your request to the list at the top (it’s the very last one under General).

Please be sure to scroll up to the top and VOTE.

You may also want to hop over to The Rule Team would like you to vote on some Rule Actions and comment there as well as put in your votes.

My security, my choice. Stop imposing your concerns on us, Wyse. Give us the option to open our garage on our terms.


I’d like to see a previous state rule be added for bulbs. Its possible though that ‘Activate a lighting Scene’ could do what wanting to accomplish. What I’m trying to do is that using a door sensor, change the color and brightness when closed and return to previous color and brightness when opened.

Please add Open Garage action. I need to open multiple doors at once and it really sucks that you have to manually open each camara to trigger them one by one.

“Security” as an excuse doesn’t really cut it. Why implement the “Close” action then because it might crush someone #safetyfirst (Please don’t read the last sentence and remove that action as well).

I’m thinking of installing another solution on top of Wyze just so that I can trigger all garages at once.

It would be great if the Wyze Cam (v3/v4) spotlight could be flashed.

Ideally, I want to try to deter critters from eating my vegetable garden by flashing the spotlight. I realize that there’s a “turn on spotlight for a minimum of 1 minute”, but I’m thinking of turning the spotlight on/off more rapidly.

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Welcome to the Forum, @sl33nyc! I like this idea. I can’t speak to all the lights, but the Bulb Color, Bulb Color BR30, Light Strip, and Light Strip Pro all have “Color Blink” as an available Action. With some thinking outside the box, I could imagine seeing camera spotlights treated as lighting products, sort of like how the Cam OG and Cam Pan v3 can be used as accessory chimes for the Video Doorbell v2.

I imagine there are other use cases for your idea, too, like if someone was doing some testing or using a camera with a built-in light (OG, v3 Pro, v4) for detection and wanted a brief on-camera visual confirmation that it was working.

Those animals would more than likely ignore that pretty quickly. I have a lot of critters that come through my backyard and even with several cameras turning on their spotlight and a back porch light… they don’t flinch. The just look at it and go about their business.