Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I would live to be able to add a delay during actions (execute one action, wait xx seconds or minutes, execute next action)


Scheduled control for night vision.

Over the years I’ve seen numerous requests for different types of control for night vision. A lot of these requests were really good but I think if we could get a trigger for sunrise/ sunset for the night vision This would be something that is already in the code, It’s used with great success with a host of devices, and as sunrise and sunset changes throughout the year it would diminish the need for changing of an individual schedule if we were given the ability to set individual times. being that night vision Works Primarily in opposition to sunrise, Having it automatically adjust throughout the year and having it adjustable such as we do currently with a certain amount of time before or after I think this would be the greatest setup for this type of schedule for night vision without complicating the interface.

having this done by schedule would also lessing the mistakes currently made during very cloudy and dark days as well.


The enable/disable night vision sunrise/sunset option would be brilliant.
One of my V3’s is covering the garden but also has to face tall, very bright street lighting from a main road which means the camera frequently stays in colour mode but the actual light level in the garden is poor.


Add New Action for WYZE Switch

When creating rules that contains actions on WYZE switches, there should be a TOGGLE option in addition to Turn On and Turn Off. This would allow easy emulation of 3-way and 4-way switches.

Rather than having to create multiple rules for each “slave” switch, each of them could simply “toggle” the switch actually controlling the light/load.

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I love the notion of a toggle action. For 3-way and 4-way I wish you could group switch’s together to control the same set of lights and the switches would all sync with each other.

Please add camera IR Lights ON/OFF to the Rule Actions. At the moment, it requires SEVEN steps to turn on the IR lights on my Wyze Cam v3, and another seven to turn them off again.

I had same issue. I had two devices with app, one (a tablet) always at home, Turned off location on tablet. On android phone turned location on all the time. Seems to work now. If you have more than one device, try it. Good luck.

App Rule Action missing “Turn on the siren FOR” to automatically turn off OG Cam siren.

TL;DR: You can set an action for the spotlight to automatically turn off after so-many minutes, but not so for the siren.

Premise: The OG Cam comes with a ‘spotlight’ and a ‘siren’.

The Wyze App allows for creating Rules with Actions “Turn on the spotlight” and “Turn off the spotlight” and “Turn on the spotlight for [so-many minutes]”. These actions also exist for turning on/off the “siren” but there is no action to “turn it on for [so-many minutes]” before automatically turning it off.

I would use the OG Cam’s siren to alert me to activities happening in my back yard, as an auditory notification, without having to look at my phone’s notifications, so I can rush to my back yard brandishing a steak knife. (Say I’m doing the dishes.) But I want the siren to automatically turn off after 1 or 2 minutes and not stay on until the end of time.

It will currently stay on until the end of time, forcing my neighbors to throw steak knives at it to turn it off.

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Opening garage door would be nice. I’d like to create a rule/shortcut to open the door and turn on the smart switches.

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Feature Suggestion: could we set a schedule for enabling SD Recording?
E.g. Record from Sunset to Sunrise, between 12:00-13:00, between 17:00-17:30.

We could then specify to record events outside those time span, or just nothing.

This would increase the lifespan of those SD cards…

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Add Rule Action to turn on/off night vision (IR illumination).

Request a camera action when defining Rules to turn on or off the Night Vision mode so for example you could turn IR illumination on at sunset and off at dawn. I know you have night vision Auto mode to do this based on ambient light level but I have several issues with auto mode that could be avoided with a simple rule to turn NV on and off per schedule. The issues I’m seeing with Auto are:

  1. If using Auto mode at night with motion detection, when the camera triggers and starts recording, it first has IR lights off showing a dark, almost black image. Then Auto turns on the IR lights resulting in over-exposed washed out image for a second or so until the camera can adjust the exposure for the IR illuminated image. This means the first few seconds of the recording are useless and a fast moving motion trigger subject may be missed in the recording.
  2. When light is low near the threshold for Auto switching on the IR lights it will cause the camera to turn them on and off and on and off repeatedly. This is bad for the camera as the mechanical IR filter is being switched in and out constantly and can wear out causing IR lighting to stay off in Auto mode after the camera attempts to turn it on a few times.

I’m using WyzeCam V3 and Outdoor V2 all with latest firmware.

Requested Rule Actions:

Night vision on/off/auto

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Feature Request: Cam Pan V3 (+++++ others if feasible) - Timed Shots at Given Position Daily to SD

Software Feature Request: Cam Pan v3 (and OG, OG Tele, Cam Outdoor , Cam v3 if possible) - Enabled scheduled movement & photo save, eg: Daily at sunset, point due west and level & take a picture, saving it to the SD. Same thing at sunrise on the other cam facing due east. Doesn’t necessarily have to know sunrise & sunset times, although it would be nice, even "at 5:15am face due east & level & save a picture.

Requested Rule Actions:

Save a still image
Pan Cam: move to a specific camera memorized position or waypoint
Record an event to the SD card (even if no motion is detected)
Add waypoint rule action for Cam Pans (v1, v2, v3)

Hopefully this makes it to the list of Requested Rules Actions…

Currently, the Wyze switches have the ability to utilize the “Additional Controls”, specifically the 2x and 3x clicks. My wishlist item has to do with these additional controls.

Please change the programming to include “this device” in the list of devices that can be controlled with the additional control.

Switch A on the side of the house.
Switch B on the back of the house.
Switch C on the front porch.

I currently have it programmed so that 2x click on Switch A will turn on Switch B and C. However, to turn on Switch A I still have to single click it. So to turn on all 3 lights I have to “slow” triple click the switch.

My wishlist request is to include “this device” in the list of available devices for the additional controls - then a user can go to the/any switch and just 2x click to turn on all three, vs the current 1x click then 2x click.

Good morning DerbyDmon

I have configured many Wyze switches in my house in many different configurations including successful 3 way and 4 way that work and present like real 3 way lights.

Are you controlling “Smart devices” or “classic devices”. Many of my rules are triggered by a “controlled smart device” so many of my rules may not work in your situation. Let me know. I would love to help.


My problem is that nearby streetlights make my cam think it is daylight but there are shadows that need IR to see into them. At the moment I have to switch the cam manually to night vision and I would rather be able to set a rule to do the switching at a particular time.

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Missing rule for the brand new Floodlight Cam V2:
“Turn On Floodlight For…”

(the “Turn on Floodlight” is here… but not the for…)

App v2.49.0 on Android


Added my vote for a rule to turn night vision on or off. It would improve the image because the IR lights illuminate areas that are dark with the ambient light at night.


Motion Detection take a picture

I would like to see an option of taking a picture when the motion detection is triggered. I would like to use this function for making timelapse videos of 3d printing. Where I have something printing and I put another object on the corner of the bed so that the print head moves to the desired trigger spot and it takes a picture of the print in the same position for each layer added. the regular timelapse function is basically a fast forward of the whole printing process and too much visual movement to track with the eyes.

  • Change SD card record mode: Off, Event Only, Continuous

For cameras on solar recharge…. Record continuously at night. Recharge during the day

For those following this thread, consider going to the following thread to vote on which of a selective few rules actions (there are 10 listed) that you think they should prioritize first:

It will let you pick up to 3 out of the 10 listed.

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